French Country Cottage Kitchen

We love our 1940's vintage kitchen as it is now- but not so much how it was when it started out. We kept the original cupboards and character while updating it~ the ceiling fan became 2 vintage chandeliers, doors came off a couple of cupboard for open shelving,we added beadboard and beams to the ceiling, etc~ Did I mention that this kitchen was remodeled on a big time budget? Yep, it was.

Lots of befores and afters in my post at my blog :

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  • M
    How did you do the chandeliers? Is it a single unit with the 2 chandeliers or did you wire up 2 separate chandelier in the same box?
  • Karen
    Karen Sturgis, MI
    Wonderful, thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I was just wondering how you remade the cupboard doors. They didn't originally have the three inch frame around the outside of each door did they?
  • Pdmullgirl
    Pdmullgirl Caliente, NV
    Just wonderful! It's so light and bright, I love that! You did a great job! You'll make lots of wonderful memories in a space like that!
  • Sue
    Sue West Jordan, UT
    so beautiful, stunning, and homey!
  • Liza Wild
    Liza Wild Canada