Attic Closet

This would be a great idea for a closet and good use of attic space.
  • Laurie Brennan
    I think you are right's very pretty. Makes the space look so elegant vs a painted ceiling.
  • Mickey Baker
    Mickey Baker Pittsburgh, PA
    I really think the ceiling treatment is wallpaper. It's the same pattern that's on the drawers to the right as well.
  • Laurie Brennan
    Love the ceiling treatment..wonder what it is?
  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    great job.... I am wondering did you put UV block on the windows.. if not be careful of what you hang in the direct light.. experience speaking,, I left a pair of olive green pants hanging for 2 days in the sun..... Now they are 2 tone ! Sub cab also rot
  • Pamela Mines
    Pamela Mines Joliet, IL
    Great idea and use of space!
  • Michelle Lee Fitzgerald Smith
    Love this idea!
  • Onie Klugh
    Onie Klugh Fargo, ND
    Lisa, my house has just that, a master bedroom with a small staircase up to the attic which is converted to a bathroom/closet area. We are currently remodeling it but I will try to post some pictures when done.
  • Marilyn M
  • Lisa Dimone
    Lisa Dimone Lake Grove, NY
    The house we are buying is my husband's parents home. His sisters room has a door with a few steps directly into the attic. I would love to transform that into a master suite with the room holding just the bed, and the attic holding all of the clothes
  • Amanda
    Amanda Panama City, FL
    Looks great but how many ppl do u know that would go from there bedroom to the atic to dress?
    • Jan
      Jan Italy
      @Amanda, I would! I live in Italy, we have no closets. I have a small armadio in my bedroom, but I have WAY too many clothes that can be mix/matched after a career in government service. So as I type there's a guy up there in the attic installing
  • Courtney
    Courtney Walnut Creek, CA
    Love it!
Mickey Baker