• Yvonne Bailey
    Yvonne Bailey Clayton, NC
    Shawn Swafford I bet the women in your life would LOVE this
  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra San Antonio, TX
    Brilliant! Just super!!! I wanted something like this, with all that wasted space above. Tricia was this a hard project? I wander if someone who has very little skills can do this? hhum!
  • Janice
    Janice Houston, TX
    Brilliant. Wonder if cabinet builders will get smart and do this in homes?
  • Linda Nicola
    Wow, what a difference. What a great idea.
  • Janet Powers
    Janet Powers Saginaw, MI
    Love this! nice improvement
  • Tina Franzen
    Tina Franzen Harper Woods, MI
    nice! love how it's creative AND inexpensive! why pay big box store prices when you can do it yourself for hundreds less!?
  • Alfons Putzeys
    im not saying it is a bad idea but i would add an upright to the back and sides of the box to prevent things from sliding or falling off (big and small) slide rails do wear down and slide less smooth with the resk of trembles combined with pull motion.
  • Alfons Putzeys
    i had a rethink x)

    What if instead of making the box ontop of the tray. you would install 2 sliding trays,

  • Tee
    Tee Fort Myers, FL
    Please please

    send you husband to my house, mine can't do anything like that lol

  • Angelique DeMarco
    Angelique DeMarco La Vergne, TN
    Wonderful idea. Wonderful fix. I might try this here. :)
  • Arlene Smith
    Arlene Smith Fort Wayne, IN
    will show this to my husband he'll definatly agree it's handier, thats for the pictures.
  • Larry Nance
    Larry Nance Columbus, OH
    I would add a small ledge to the rear of that top shelf so pots don't fall behind it when you pull it out.
  • Sherry Kaufman
    Sherry Kaufman La Junta, CO
    great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joyce Green
    Joyce Green Moreno Valley, CA
    Where do I find rails
  • Puchi
    puchi Bronx, NY
    Can you provide the width of your cabinet?
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