Making a kitchen cabinet more functional...

Kitchens 04.12.16
  • Joyce Green
    Joyce Green Moreno Valley, CA
    Where do I find rails
  • Puchi
    puchi Bronx, NY
    Can you provide the width of your cabinet?
  • Tracy C
    Tracy C Laurel, MD
    Excellent...this is what I've been trying to explain to my hubby! now I can show it to him and get this done, thank you for posting. I like the way he did the "boxy thing" - it gave you even more room for the smaller pots, smart.
  • Paul
    Paul Kingman, AZ
    Great idea!!!! Want to put one in my new home when I get moved in.
  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley Nokomis, FL
    Great job. Nice hubby. :)
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