• Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill Saginaw, MI
    Thanks, Miriam! I really love it.
  • Karen Churn
    Karen Churn Warrensburg, MO
    The hanging paint storage is amaZING! Very clever.
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    Wow! There are so many unexpected gems in your craftroom! I have clipped the paint storage idea previously - great idea. Love the sparkle of the glitter bottles. Also love the signs hanging from the coat hangers - another fantastic idea! My own craft /
  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill Saginaw, MI
    You are so kind, Valerie!
  • Carolyn Hoxton
    Carolyn Hoxton Iowa City, IA
    Your craft room is so organized, I am jealous! I can't seem to keep mine in order, well, it's really a sewing room, but still, thanks
  • Luz Pinero
    Luz Pinero Ponce, PR
    love everything ,,but the coat hangers wow love it ty ,,I have my own craft room I would take some of you ideas n use it ,,ty
  • Love Digging in the Dirt
    Love Digging in the Dirt Saint Clair Shores, MI
    It really seems to work for you. You did an amazing job!
  • Janet F
    Janet F Lodi, CA
    thanks for showing a craft room the looks real! Most of them I see posted are absolutely stunning but I can't imagine mine ever looking like that after I worked in it.
  • Jeanie
    Jeanie Homestead, FL
    Lovely, real and organized. Fantastic!
  • Tess
    Tess Jeffersonville, KY
    one of the best craft rooms I have seen, SO REAL. Not the big and fancy that looks as no one ever works in them.
  • Dee
    Dee Houston, TX
    Thank you so much for showing a real craft room. I love your hanger signs, and everything is organized so well.

    Sometimes it is depressing to see all those beautiful rooms that no one lives or works in. A home is made for living and the

  • Karen B
    Karen B Melbourne, FL
    You have a great craft room. Let's face it.. the average person can not afford the Martha Stewart world of a craft room. We would all love it but.... I have been on a hunt for ideas. We moved a year ago and my now craft room needs help! As like so many
  • Krosiepowers
    Krosiepowers Madison, CT
    Your craft room is AMAZING. And function is definitely the most important! Although mine is barely functioning now as I struggle to simultaneously finish about 8 different projects :) I swear the craft rooms that are always featured in magazines (and
  • Lisa DeLong
    Lisa DeLong Elk Grove, CA
    This is what "real craft rooms" should be like because you can tell you use it to make crafts. Mines not fancy either, lots of hodge podge furniture but it works and is cheap. I like your craft room!
  • 'Ailina Willis
    'Ailina Willis Lafayette, LA
    Now this is an ideal work space. What I like best about your craft room is the large, freestanding craft table. This makes so much sense, but I don't see it often. I have to be able to move 360° around my project and still have my supplies visually
Jessica Hill