• Lisa DeLong
    Lisa DeLong Elk Grove, CA
    This is what "real craft rooms" should be like because you can tell you use it to make crafts. Mines not fancy either, lots of hodge podge furniture but it works and is cheap. I like your craft room!
  • 'Ailina Willis
    'Ailina Willis Lafayette, LA
    Now this is an ideal work space. What I like best about your craft room is the large, freestanding craft table. This makes so much sense, but I don't see it often. I have to be able to move 360° around my project and still have my supplies visually
  • Shelley
    Shelley Beaumont, TX
    Awesome job! I love this but I can tell you don't have a cat! They would have your glitter everywhere! I have four of the little monsters and everything I do is "child" proof! : )
  • Debbie Adams Peavy
    Debbie Adams Peavy Waxahachie, TX
    Luv ur craft room..... Mine is similar . Clean, neat & organized . You know where to find anything in your room. Craft on:)
  • Netters
    Netters Milton, WV
    I really like how you put the paint racks on the wall, Great Idea!
Jessica Hill