Building With Pallets – How to Easily Disassemble A Pallet In Minutes

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As most of you know – we love to build with pallet wood. If you spend some time looking - it is usually pretty easy to find a source to get them for free – and if you find the right kind – the building potential is limitless. I thought for today's DIY post I would show how we go about taking a pallet from its current state to great usable wood in just a few minutes

Working with pallets – the first thing we realized early on is it is nearly impossible and too time consuming to worry yourselves with pulling out the nails. It is too easy to damage the wood with the claw and hammer or pry bar.

Instead, we opt for our sawzall method – which can disassemble a pallet in less than two minutes into 10 or more pieces of great usable wood. Besides – the left over embedded nail fragments actually add a ton of character to pieces when either stained or painted.

So – 1st Tip – Invest in a sawzall. They are the key to quickly destructing a pallet – and without damaging or splintering the wood. Yes, it's an expense – but the inexpensive ones will work just fine with pallets.

2nd Tip – forget about the little 5″ blade that comes with your sawzall. That will only frustrate you. Buy a couple of 12″

  • A sawzall can make all the difference
  • You can use pallet wood to build anything - we even built our chicken coop with it!
  • By following the simple steps - you can end up with great wood pieces like these in just minutes!

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  • John Vogel
    John Vogel New Lenox, IL
    Another name for a sawzall is a reciprocating saw. Think of it more like a powered handsaw. It's actually built for this kind of heavy duty rough work like demolition, where a jigsaw is made for finer, lighter, more accurate work.
    • Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz
      Bang Guts Sawzall is actually the brand name of THAT particular reciprocating saw.
  • Angela Herremans
    The trouble with that idea is you can not put it through a plainer it will bust up the blade :-/

    I know it takes time but I find that given time I can pull a pallet apart in about 30 minutes and with Dad and working as a

    • Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz
      Angela Herremans Yes, definitely do NOT give up. I wake up every morning with my back feeling like elephants have stomped on it all night. . .but, I have critters to feed and my
  • Jerry Toombs
    Jerry Toombs Forney, TX
    Reciprocating saw can be used for so many things. Mine gets used as a tree trimmer more than anything else. Harbor Freight had them on sale last week for as little as $19.
    • Pat Hayes
      Pat Hayes Knoxville, TN
      Jerry Toombs Harbor Freight is where I buy mine and they work great. Also the saw can be used to cut cast iron pipe. And I will always call them sawzall regardless of the brand. Kind of like Kleenex instead of tissue paper. LOL!
  • Michael Huber
    Michael Huber Watauga, TN
    Cutting the pallet with a reciprocating saw will leave the cut nails in the wood, which can damage planer blades but you can easily remove them with a small hammer and a nail set.
    • Forshawtink
      Forshawtink United Kingdom
      Hahaha! A crows foot on steroids, I can picture this right now and it's making me laugh, I'm Welsh from UK and the only bar I can think of is a crow bar, but then again you might think this is a funny word. I thought you just needed a crow bar and a
  • Pdmullgirl
    Pdmullgirl Caliente, NV
    Thanks for the "how to". I'm just getting on the trend of using pallet wood (yes I know...) for repurposing. Now I can tackel them right from the start. Thanks!
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