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Building With Pallets – How to Easily Disassemble A Pallet In Minutes

As most of you know – we love to build with pallet wood. If you spend some time looking - it is usually pretty easy to find a source to get them for free – and if you find the right kind – the building potential is limitless. I thought for today's DIY post I would show how we go about taking a pallet from its current state to great usable wood in just a few minutes

Working with pallets – the first thing we realized early on is it is nearly impossible and too time consuming to worry yourselves with pulling out the nails. It is too easy to damage the wood with the claw and hammer or pry bar.

Instead, we opt for our sawzall method – which can disassemble a pallet in less than two minutes into 10 or more pieces of great usable wood. Besides – the left over embedded nail fragments actually add a ton of character to pieces when either stained or painted.

So – 1st Tip – Invest in a sawzall. They are the key to quickly destructing a pallet – and without damaging or splintering the wood. Yes, it's an expense – but the inexpensive ones will work just fine with pallets.

2nd Tip – forget about the little 5″ blade that comes with your sawzall. That will only frustrate you. Buy a couple of 12″

To see more: http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2012/09/18/building-with-pallets-how-to-disassemble-a-pallet-with-ease-for-great-wood/

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  • Treen Brown United Kingdom
    would love a sawzall but cant afford one , any cheaper products that so the same job?
    • Mike Kraan Canada
      Treen Brown I bought a $3.99 "TASK" brand low end claw type nail puller at my local building supply. Last summer we built 280' of yard fence with the pallets we disassembled using that technique...
  • tres interressant toutes ces récuperations! pouvez vous me dire ce qu'est un sawzall,??..
  • Renae Hartson Gilbert, AZ
    Is there a blade/attachment for a Dremel that will do the same job?
  • Marci N Florence, OR
    OMG, here I was tearing them apart with a hammer and a crowbar. Can't tell you how many times I missed and got my legs with one or the other. Sigh, I looked like I had been beat up with all the bruises.
  • We spent an hour last weekend trying to tear apart a pallet and that's exactly what happened -it tore apart leaving only one usable board. I'm shaking my head thinking "why didn't we think of this?"?
  • Jim Oklahoma City, OK
    I had an expensive sawzall and it burned out, then I got a cheap on at Harbor Freight for only $20 and it works fine (by Chicago Tools) check it out Treen Brown.
  • Sharon Chapko West Mifflin, PA
    Thank you for the info! I saw other sites that claimed to show you how, and when I clicked on them, it was something else totally different! I appreciate your information here! Now, to figure out what I can make with all this wood I have! Any good sites
  • how can you tell if the pallet is treated or untreated?
  • Elaine C Dudley, MA
    Thanks for this info, tried taking a pallet apart, was to hard for this lady to do with a hammer, but I do have a sawsall that I will try using, come spring time, I have all winter to figure out what I want to make,,,,
  • James Russell North Kingstown, RI
    It saves time, but it doesn't save the nails.
  • Val Canada
    This is the best post of all time! I spent an afternoon last summer busting a gut trying to take a pallet apart with a crowbar. Now I'll be able to spend my time building instead of sweating and swearing! Thanks so much for this tip! Val
  • Marci N Florence, OR
    I'm with you Val, I spent half the day getting the friggin pallets apart. Was able to save some of the nails but mostly it was staples. They are not reusable. What a waste of time. I will try this the next time I want to use pallet wood. I think the
  • Val Canada
    Hi Marci, I think the nails would be OK to leave in if we make something mostly decorative, like a rustic crate maybe? I have made a few from pallet boards and really like the rustic look! Val
  • Ed Cherry Hill, NJ
    Unbelievable tip on pulling these apart. I am embarrassed to say that I spent several hours one day in an industrial parking lot hacking away with a crow bar and hammer. By the time It's amazing I still have my fingers! And, most importantly, the boards