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Make gorgeous throw pillows out of cheap flat seat cushions!

Design on a dime 11.26.14
Easy peasy 5 minute decorating! I took some cheap flat seat cushions found on clearance, with just a thin 3/4 piece of foam and turned them into fancy looking throw pillows for my chairs with no sewing and only 5 minutes of my time!

To see more: http://creeklinehouse.blogspot.ca/2012/09/diy-pillows-from-cheap-flat-seat.html

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  • Jeanie C
    Jeanie C Greenville, AL
    Good idea. I have recently take place mats on sale, opened one end, stuff full, resewed the end. Very cheap accents pillows, little time as well. Don't you just love be creative!
  • CreekLineHouse .
    That's my other favorite trick, Jeanie! That grey and white pillow you can see on my chair used to be a place mat too! We can just be so clever sometimes, can't we?
CreekLineHouse .

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