How to Make a Centerpiece Out of a Branch

Thanksgiving 01.27.16

Fun fall idea from a holly tree and used as a centerpiece with tea candles. Another one of my hubby's project from a pinterest idea. Love the look it gives to our table with a runner, pumpkins, foliage, acorns and pinecones.
Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Judy H
    Judy H Jonesborough, TN
    We VERY careful with the type tea lights you use and the dryness of the wood. I've heard of some of these things catching fire! I'm just sayin'..... Ditto with keeping leaves -- artificial or real--away from the flames.
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Judy H Absolutely. I only light it when we're actually sitting at the table and I move the leaves out of the way of the flames. And actually, I don't think I've lit it but once :)
  • Laura Trevey
    Laura Trevey Richmond, VA
    So so cool, and thanks for the great tutorial photos!!
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Laura Trevey I'm glad you enjoyed them!
  • Bessie Ashby
    Bessie Ashby Camas, WA
    No worry if you used the battery ones. I love this idea.
Marty's Musings