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  • MOMMA & 2 BABIES. PRETTY DULL HUH? I also discovered I had two of this statue but, since I got carried away with their makeover I forgot to take a pic so this one is a stand in. I'll get around to it later.
  • See the hole in the shell of the middle turtle? After gathering everyone up I realized how brittle and fragile they had become after years of being outside.
  • Adding lots of color - This whimsical family of turtles had such sweet expressions on their faces - they just begged to be BOLD!!
  • You can see the sunflower petals have broken on the back from years of exposure. I think all of these have earned a place of honor & safety on my deck. No more garden dirt for them.
  • ARE THESE CUTE OR WHAT??? Just look at those faces!!! Who said I have to be anatomically correct??
  • Again, some damage from being outside for years. I JUST HAD TO MAKE THEE GUYS DIFFERENT!
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST - this was the first of the turtles I repainted. He's probably the most realistic - but who cares,
  • YEP - turtles & bunnies - gotta luv 'em!!
  • Laurie B
    Laurie B Newaygo, MI
    The first 2 are my rescue Yellow belly slider turtles, the female is the larger one, the middle one is my Quincy, she is a red eared slider turtle, and the baby is Baxter and he is a mississippi map turtle, just a few weeks old.
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    A Mississippi Map turtle? That's pretty'd you end up with him in MI?
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    Laurie B THANX!!! You even know their different names as type is concern. Pretty amazing how every body knows so much about the things that interests them.
  • TaniaC
    TaniaC Fairfield, IL
    Laurie B Whew! it's a good thing I let hubby pick it up then....Really!! you have to chop his head off UGH! that just seem way to gruesome to me... Hubby would have to do that
  • Laurie B
    Laurie B Newaygo, MI
    Yes Sharron, it is just the breed, purchased him from a breeder in Fla, Leida glad you enjoyed the pic's and Tania, yes, I know it is extremely gruesome but they are definately fierce creatures not one of my favorites for sure, but I wouldn't want any
Susan S

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