Found During Demo Part 2

We had so much fun with our original "Found During Demo" post that I had to ask if anyone can guess what these are? Found in a demo of a 1939 bathroom.

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  • Sherry Crisp
    Sherry Crisp Carthage, TX
    Window weights...found them in our old house too.
  • Dragonintheattic
    I saw lots of those window weights when we installed new window inserts here. They balanced the weight of the sash so it would stay open without a stick.
  • Zizzyrabbit
    zizzyrabbit United Kingdom
    Definitely window weights, but all of you above have beaten me to it! Chucks!
  • Vicki Rogers
    Vicki Rogers Splendora, TX
    Hamtil Construction LLC We have several window weights from a small old home we're remodeling, I'm still trying to think of a cool repurpose idea for them.
  • N. Driscoll
    N. Driscoll Huntington, IN
    People used to use them for anchors for small boats.
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