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  • Belva Paducah, KY
    Love & can't wait to try!
  • Belva Paducah, KY
    Love and can't wait to try!
  • Thanks, Belva- it's a 5-minute project, so easy! :)
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Your brain just never stops buzzing does it? And thank goodness too! Clever as always - and what type of glue did you use??
  • Thanks, Susan. I used Dap Household Adhesive, the same glue I used for the cupcake stands. It works well on glass and is dishwasher safe, though the cloche isn't since I put a wooden knob on it. Drat, should have thought of that- now I'll have to dust
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    LOL!! Everytime you walk past it just blow a puff of air on it - that way the dust won't accumulate!! ;~)
  • Umm, around here, I'd need more than a puff to keep the dust away...
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