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Paper bag lamp shade

Decor Ideas 11.27.14
On this lamp we are showcasing the shade. It was made out of a brown paper bag to look like leather.
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  • Kathy Blowers
    Kathy Blowers Tunkhannock, PA
    Looks great but how did you do it?
  • Dawn Sheldon
    Dawn Sheldon Omak, WA
    Very interesting an unique but why post if u don't tell how to DIY. Mountainmama_forty5cal@hotmail.com
  • Donna C
    Donna C Marietta, GA
    I am sorry I am not on much anymore .Well I took a brown paper lunch bag and cut it open.Soak in water then take out a crumple it all up.Wring out excess water and lay out to air dry.Crumple real good this gives the vein effect like leather. Then just
Donna C

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