desk needs help?

Hey Sheila or anyone, suggestions for what to do with this very worthy desk. Hard wood, no staples, no nails in drawers. I don't like the hardware, and the carpets are , almost immediately following this post , being replaced with beige, to tie in with the other carpets and floors etc. So red and green are not the predominant colors. I am a "little" tired of red and green. Bur I love the light green on the wall. Included is the picture of my living room.I am trying to switch to steel blue and having a hard time. I almost always go to aqua.

I want some fun with this desk. Sheila, I love what you do, so am imploring you..but anyone can chime in! Like I said this is a worthy desk. I watch this tv from the kitchen (galley style), and hubs puts his shoes on here. hahaa

Bernice H
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