Backyard Escapes 02.16.14

Companion plants for succulents

Many Hometalk members have recently posted about succulents, and Debra Lee Baldwin has a useful post on companion plants for them on her blog, Gardening Gone Wild. She's also giving a talk on the topic at next week's "Succulent Extravaganza" at the Succulent Gardens near San Francisco. Have you incorporated these water-thrifty plants into your gardens? What do you plant with them? See her full post here:


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  • This is beautiful and i can plant succulents here Iam in central Fl. on the east coast , so t do not get a hard freeze.
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Sherry, I'm not sure how cold you get in that part of Louisiana, but you might want to consider Aeoniums and Echevarias as succulents that will take partial shade.
  • Valerie South Africa
    Lovely combinations. My personal favorites are Echeverias - I have managed to collect quite a wide selection. We have proteas and fynbos, many of which are in full bloom in the mountains surrounding my home. It is absolutely stunning!
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Please post some photos, Valerie. We would love to see them.
  • Valerie South Africa
    I have taken you up on your suggestion and added a number of photographs of my own garden. (Garden transformation). The proteas and many of our indigenous plants are lovely.
  • Carole Australia
    I used to have lots of succulents and cacti in containers in my courtyard garden when I lived in the suburbs of Sydney in Australia. Kalanchoe (FlapJack), Echivarias, Shwartzkopf. They were the only plants that the local possums would pretty much not
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    It must have been difficult to give up all those plants, Carole. I don't know of any nurseries that will "rehome" plants, but that is a great idea.
  • Carole Australia
    Hi Douglas, the nursery actually posts an advert in the local newspaper in Sydney asking anyone who is moving house if they want them to take their pot plants and old pots/containers off their hands. Given the density of flats/apartments in Sydney and
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    That's a very resourceful nursery, Carole.
  • Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    I have been eye balling those agaves, think I just have to have a couple. LOL And that Safari Sunset is to die for. I have the perfect spot that's looking for an 8 foot buddy. :)
  • Donna Dyson Marthaville, LA
    It has been so dry in Louisiana, my succulents are looking terrible. We are praying for rain!! Since they do like dry weather (but not this dry), how often should I water??
    • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
      Donna Dyson There are some real succulent pros on Hometalk who will have a better chance of seeing your question if you post it as a new question using the red "post & ask" button at the top of the page.
  • Leida R Tampa, FL
    Love it.