Vanities for Small Bathrooms: Faucet & Sink Installation in Less Than 1 Hour

Bathrooms 04.13.15
Hi Everyone,

My sister wanted to totally remodel her small bathroom and part of that experience involved installing a new vanity.

My last post on Hometalk discussed how we added the vanity cabinet. Putting the faucet and sink together wasn't that bad. So I wanted to share that process in case you wanted to do the same project.

You can view details, pictures, and several tips by clicking on this link

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  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    You post great stuff on your site. Thanks for reminding folks that some really attractive upgrades are actually pretty easy DIY projects.
  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Thanks Steve, that's actually my goal-if you've got an hour you can get one part of a big project done. Then, over time the big project gets finished! Most, if not all, of my tutorials can be done within 1 hour. I really appreciate you visiting Home
  • Melinda K
    Melinda K Pittsburgh, PA
    What a great post! I could have used this last year when I replaced my bathroom sink and faucet, it would have been so much easier to understand. Ha! I'm glad you mentioned the plastic pipe cutter, I've never heard of them but I will be putting it on my
  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Glad to help Melinda
  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Thanks Melinda K, glad the post helped you with your shopping list :)
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