Quick and Easy Stone Fireplace Update

I have a double sided fireplace, and both sides were identical. I wanted to mix it up and give one side a more 'rustic' and warm look while keeping one side more transitional and clean.
With the addition of faux stone veneer (Airstone) and corbels, I got the warm rustic fireplace I always wanted. Because it was a faux stone product, the entire process took me only a few hours and was much less expensive than having real stacked stone installed.
Before.. blah.
The fireplace before. The travertine seemed too light against the wall color and the proportions seemed off with the high 'floating' mantel.
Installing the stone was a piece of cake. It cut with a hacksaw and was applied stone by stone using a pre-mixed adhesive.
The addition of new corbels completes the look and helps the mantel feel more integrated to the fireplace itself.
See the full reveal below:

To see more: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2014/11/airstone-stacked-stone-fireplace-update.html

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