$124 Laundry Room Overhaul- Pass Through to Garage (Custom DIY Shelves, Labels, Storage, Organization)

Home Improvement 07.21.15
I know laundry rooms can be a bit of a bore, but this one is no longer- I went for high impact (on a budget)!

We have one of those terribly awkward and tiny "pass-through" laundry rooms, making it prime realty to collect junk and become disorganized. I finally decided that enough was enough and took matters into my own hands! With less then $150, I completed a custom color-blocked herringbone paint treatment using paint I had on hand, DIY'd new

shelving, created a hang-dry area for delicates, added some storage boxes with custom labels (made sans a Silhouette machine), hung bars for our frequently used cleaners and some hand towels, DIY'd some basic decor (included our swiffer duster "holder" vase, flowers in sand vases, and wall art with $1 frames and some travel art that I bought several years ago). In the end, the room turned out better than I ever could've imagined

and each day I walk through or by that room I literally smile uncontrollably (and awkwardly, I'm sure)! I recently posted the reveal on my blog.

  • Before & After of $124 Laundry Room Overhaul
  • Installing DIY Shelves in Laundry Room
  • Empty Your Pockets change jar
  • DIY Laundry Room Decor
  • Clothes Hanging Bar to dry delicates
  • Wall Art and Decor in Laundry Room
  • DIY $124 Laundry Room Overhaul
  • DIY $124 Laundry Room Overhaul
  • Towel Bars to hang cleaning spray bottles and towels

To see more: http://designbuildlove.co/pinterest-partayy-entire-room-makeover/

  • Mary
    Mary Clermont, FL
    Wow, the herringbone painting looks beautiful and very tedious. I would rather see you have that in a place where everyone can see it. It is a very nice piece of work. You did a super job getting that place in order. thanks for the inspiration
  • Tonya Zepeda
    Tonya Zepeda Seattle, WA
    In the middle of doing mine. Before and after
  • Nancy Merrell
    Nancy Merrell Hixson, TN
    Love, love, love the chevron, gives such expensive look!
  • Lisa
    Lisa Conyers, GA
    Awesome job! Love it!
  • Barb Irwin
    Barb Irwin Canada
    great use of space here! Well done!
  • Jan Jost
    Jan Jost Bethlehem, PA
  • Laura D
    Laura D Whitley City, KY
    Mine is a tiny walk through also, thanks for the tips
  • Teri
    Teri Greenup, IL
    wow that's wonderful we started laundry rm and as usual not finished hub got half way thru and quit as soon as Christmas is over Im getting back to it you have givin me inspiration mine is a small galley rm leading outside and is my too Aussies rm at
  • Peg
    Peg Saint George, UT
    What an inspiration!!!!!
  • Mary Sumlin
    Mary Sumlin Poplarville, MS
    I love the design and the colors. they look like colors I've used and love
  • Patricia Cleveland
    Where did you get the idea for the paint scheme? I LOVE it!
  • Terra Gazelle
    Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
    Love it..my laundry area is off the kitchen on the way to a room we built to be a pantry...and it is cluttered and boring. You have given me inspiration! Love your creativity.
  • Sheila
    Sheila Mc Kinney, TX
    A very cute idea!
  • Barbara P
    Barbara P Marquette, MI
    my laundry room is in the basement , I ll let my kids change that ............I remodeled the kitchen and my closet in master bedroom
  • Carol
    Carol Naugatuck, CT
    I'd love to have a laundry room to redo. lol very nice job on yours though
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