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$124 Laundry Room Overhaul- Pass Through to Garage (Custom DIY Shelves, Labels, Storage, Organization)

I know laundry rooms can be a bit of a bore, but this one is no longer- I went for high impact (on a budget)!
We have one of those terribly awkward and tiny "pass-through" laundry rooms, making it prime realty to collect junk and become disorganized. I finally decided that enough was enough and took matters into my own hands! With less then $150, I completed a custom color-blocked herringbone paint treatment using paint I had on hand, DIY'd new
shelving, created a hang-dry area for delicates, added some storage boxes with custom labels (made sans a Silhouette machine), hung bars for our frequently used cleaners and some hand towels, DIY'd some basic decor (included our swiffer duster "holder" vase, flowers in sand vases, and wall art with $1 frames and some travel art that I bought several years ago). In the end, the room turned out better than I ever could've imagined
and each day I walk through or by that room I literally smile uncontrollably (and awkwardly, I'm sure)! I recently posted the reveal on my blog.

To see more: http://designbuildlove.co/pinterest-partayy-entire-room-makeover/

  • Kathy Tobin
    Kathy Tobin Mount Vernon, WA

    I have pass through laundry room too. Nice to see some ideas for those of us who don't have much laundry room space.

  • Jean Myles
    Jean Myles Canada

    So Many great ideas Your laundry room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  • Mandy Chow
    Mandy Chow Fremont, CA

    Thanks for sharing so many inspiring ideas. DIY shelves is great for storage. I have too many stuffs in my laundry room, so I buy a heavy duty overhead storage rack, which has large loading capacity, http://www.pricedepot.com/garage-rack/garage-....

  • Vetternancan

    My husband bought a regular unfinished hollow flat door (without hinges) from Lowes. We stained it a light color and varnished it. It fits PERFECTLY on top of our front loading washer and dryer and has created a perfect folding, storage flat area.

  • Debrai
    Debrai Holbrook, NY

    Where did you get the clothes hanging bar for delicates? Love this fix!!

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