Autumn Log Centerpiece

So easy to create! Drill 1" wide holes into a log, then decorate with your favorite fall decor like pumpkins, ghords, leaves, and pinecones. This log decor is perfect for the Thanskgiving table or to display on a mantel. To read more on the steps I took to create this log centerpiece, visit:

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  • Small Talk Mama
    Small Talk Mama Kansas City, MO
    Very pretty.
  • Pam
    Pam San Antonio, TX
    If you want to do something a little smaller, you can slice off the bottom so it sits flat and put pillar candles in. We've done that before. I too worry about the issue of starting a fire but I always keep a close eye. I wouldnt go off and leave it
  • Grandma Lorna's Attic
    You can use the clear glass votive holders, (cut according to their size) and insert the tea light candles inside them. Gives a little more protection from the flame hitting the wood. Love this, I do it every fall/winter.
  • Melissa P. Pittman
    Melissa P. Pittman Concord, NC
    Beautiful! I think I would even do this on the mantle with tall candles for Christmas! LOVE IT! THANKS!
  • Mickey B. & Boo Boo
    I love it to! Just may use the idea this year. Thank You!
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