Halloween 03.13.14

Autumn Log Centerpiece

So easy to create! Drill 1" wide holes into a log, then decorate with your favorite fall decor like pumpkins, ghords, leaves, and pinecones. This log decor is perfect for the Thanskgiving table or to display on a mantel. To read more on the steps I took to create this log centerpiece, visit: http://www.sasinteriors.net/2011/10/5-minute...
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  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    This is a wonderful idea and so easy to use it right thru the winter season!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    That is really awesome!
  • Jackie Kennington West Jordan, UT
    Can you light the little tea candles? I always worry ----It is so beautiful I would love to have it as my centerpiece!!
  • Debbie Dallas, GA
    Beautiful! Great idea! Thanks for sharing it :)
  • Joann lanty East Syracuse, NY
    Yes Jackie u can
  • Jenna, SAS Interiors Saratoga Springs, NY
    Jackie Kennington, the tea lights are really just for "show", but if you want to add light to the log, use electric operated tea light. They add a nice, soft glow.
  • Small Talk Mama Kansas City, MO
    Very pretty.
  • Pam San Antonio, TX
    If you want to do something a little smaller, you can slice off the bottom so it sits flat and put pillar candles in. We've done that before. I too worry about the issue of starting a fire but I always keep a close eye. I wouldnt go off and leave it
  • You can use the clear glass votive holders, (cut according to their size) and insert the tea light candles inside them. Gives a little more protection from the flame hitting the wood. Love this, I do it every fall/winter.