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Tea pot fountain instructions.

16 minutes ago
Here are the instructions of how we made my tea pot fountain. Hope it helps with all of you who are interested!
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  • Chas
    Chas Fort Collins, CO

    What kind of pump did you buy to push through enough water?

    • Chas
      Chas Fort Collins, CO

      Thanks Sue, that's very helpful.

  • Becca
    Becca Greenville, GA

    How do you keep the tea pot (humidifier) from rusting?

  • Suzanne Bailey
    Suzanne Bailey Creedmoor, NC

    Good idea.

  • Pat whitmus
    Pat whitmus Ephrata, WA

    Pot is rusty but could be sand blasted or sanded and coated with a preservative against rust.

  • Jamie Howanec

    Love it. But would like to print this post so I can follow it to create it.

    • Suzanne Perry
      Suzanne Perry Zebulon, NC

      I don't know how I did it, but I printed it out several months ago. Keep looking for a print button or something.