Tea pot fountain instructions.

Decor Ideas 6 hours ago
Here are the instructions of how we made my tea pot fountain. Hope it helps with all of you who are interested!
  • Here is my tea pot fountain in full bloom.
  • We drilled a a hole in the tea pot and then threaded it. We attached flanges to a solid concrete block to support both the tea pot and the gold pan. The block is heavy enough to support the weight of the unit underwater.
  • We then built a support for the gold pan and dropped the unit into the whiskey barrel. We added a fountain pump and inserted tubing up through the tee on the bottom of the pipe that supports the tea pot and into the tea pot.
  • Add water and your done! The unit is free standing so it can be leveled and no holes are drilled in the whiskey barrel. I put it all away every winter and take it out and set it up in the spring.
  • Last year we poured a concrete base that the whiskey barrel sits on so it doesn't sink into the dirt.
  • Dottie Unruh
    @Kristen - If you look closely at the 4th picture you can see the cord going out of the whiskey barrel through a notch in the back of it.
    • Kristin
      Kristin Aurora, IL
      Ah ha, up and over, not through.. I get it! Lol
    • Kristin
      Kristin Aurora, IL
      Ah ha, up and over, not through.. I get it! Lol
  • Nadia.vittozzi
    Mi piace tanto la tua idea di fontana. Grazie per aver resa pubblico come si costruisce. Nadia da Roma.

    I really like your idea of ​​a fountain.

  • T.southfox
    t.southfox San Diego, CA
    Where is the pump?
  • Dee Beckham
    Dee Beckham Palm Bay, FL
    The pump is in the barrel underwater.
  • Shelley Brown
    Not very clear instructions
Julee S