CLARA RODRIGUEZ Hallandale, FL
    Its so pretty. Please: What kind of pump do you use?
    • Lola Schultz
      Lola Schultz Saint Paul, MN
      You can buy fountain pumps at Lowes & Home Depot !
  • Nancy S
    I think you can use whatever length pipe you want as long as it isn't to long
  • GeeJudy
    GeeJudy Denver, CO
    I have that exact same teapot--never knew what I could do with it--it's really heavy though
  • Deborah Turant Ludden
    so you bent the pipe and only used washer and nut to connect pipe to the teapot ?
  • Nancy Robinson
    Nancy Robinson Central Point, OR
    That is such a great project, thanks for sharing.
  • Judy Maynard
    Judy Maynard Northborough, MA
    Love these ideas.
  • Dottie Unruh
    Very pretty. I have my pump on a timer which makes life a bit easier.
  • Amos_shutter
    Do you put any liner in the whiskey barrel?
    • Ann Gedeon
      Ann Gedeon Westlake, OH
      Amos_shutter I would NOT recommend using a liner in the whiskey barrel because the wood needs to stay hydrated or it will shrink and fall apart. If you leave it out in the winter, you
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
  • Camille Strate
    Camille Strate Valley Center, CA
    this is gorgeous! I made one very similar a long time ago; didn't go to as much detail with the structure though. Used a wooden barrel and attached the tea pot to copper piping instead. after I was done, I put a bunch of wine corks in the water, along
  • Allison Whitehead
    Allison Whitehead United Kingdom
    What a wonderful way to use such a handsome whiskey barrel! Now I want one...
  • Thapet hogerat ثابت الحجيرات
    Brockton, PA
    Brilliant idea

    Reminded me of my history

  • Aeisha Jones
    Aeisha Jones Sacramento, CA
    I have a5/10 gal aquarium I bought at yard sale-- would like to convert to fountain, any suggestions?
  • SYNLawn Of Kansas City
    SYNLawn Of Kansas City Lees Summit, MO
    Beautiful and unique piece. Well done!
  • SK Sartell, Pro
    SK Sartell, Pro Salem, OR
    Fun. sk
Julee S