Warm up your house with some new uses for an old sweater!

candles 05.02.15
Decorate your house with all those old sweaters that are lying around. It brings the perfect amount of warmth and texture just in time for the fall and winter seasons. This is the first blog post to the series : http://www.thriftyandchic.com/2012/10/old-sw...

More projects to come this week!


To see more: http://www.thriftyandchic.com/2012/10/old-sweater-project-series-vase-cozies.html

  • Denise Reavis
    Very creative and pretty dust catcher! At least you can just throw them in the wash. I love the idea and have the perfect sweater just calling my name!
  • Nancy J Goldwire
    Nancy J Goldwire Leander, TX
    How about KNEE HIGH SOCKS? Same effect.
  • Jeanette freeze
    Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
    might be cute
  • Clare White -Clockwise Design
    Now that is thinking out of the box.
  • Paticia G
    Paticia G Clermont, FL
    absolutely incredible and inoavative Good for you
  • Cindy Wolter
    Cindy Wolter Arlington Heights, IL
    What ans awesome idea! How many times I have hated to dump my favorite sweaters!
  • Jeanette freeze
    Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
  • Fred Souza
    cute for a vase or wine cozy, but I would be very careful on the candle things that are being shown in the picture.
  • Judy F
    Judy F Harrisburg, NC
    You are assuming those are real candles. There are now artificial candles that look real. The sweater decoration can only add warmth to the flicker of light from an artificial candle. Give us a little credit for not being fire bugs in our decorating.
  • Janet Garcia
    Janet Garcia Visalia, CA
    Very cozy and adds such winter fun! Especially those really bright ones that you really only wore -because-...Great idea. Do they need to be lightly glued on to glass vase? Or...just tight enough to stay put?
  • Karen6989
    Karen6989 Milwaukee, WI
    n i just give away a bunch darn
  • Loraine Mullins
    Loraine Mullins Challis, ID
    would be nice to gift these, I am sure we could find additional uses for them.
  • Debbie
    Debbie Ladoga, IN
    you can also cut off the hem and make headbands for the winter. the sleeves can be sewn shut/be used for that extra pair of socks under your boots. most of the sweaters have really long sleeves so cut them shorter/little ones can use them as sweaters
  • Jan M
    Jan M Noble, OK
    What a great idea!
  • Linda
    Linda Syracuse, NY
    How about sewing the one end of the cut off sleeves closed to make mittens ? A little elastic in a casing tape on the upper cuff shouldn't be too challenging, I'd bet.
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