Decor Ideas 04.06.14

Make Your Own Mercury Glass

Simple method of taking any cheap glass vase and making it into a faux antique mercury glass piece. I used two standard glass vases that I picked up at a discount store for less than $10 each. I'm now on the lookout for more pieces at thrift stores to make sparkly Christmas vignettes. Get a can of Krylon "Looking Glass" spray paint (available at Ace Hardware/K-Mart/Craft Stores, according to the Krylon website, but I couldn't find any in Las Vegas, so I ordered the small can online to give it a try). Paint is about $11/can. Step 1. Clean glass well. For the larger piece, I sprayed the inside, for the narrower piece, I sprayed the outside, with identical results. Step 2. Spray, using several light coats, being careful not to overspray to avoid runs. The paint is slightly cloudy when sprayed, but dries VERY quickly to a mirror-like finish. Step 3. After about 3 light coats, mix a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and mist the painted surface enough to create beads. Step 4. Let sit about a minute, then dampen a paper towel with the vinegar/water mixture and firmly "pat" the beaded moisture that sits on the paint. You can actually rub a little in places, removing some of the paint as you go. Keep dabbing/wiping until you create the antique/worn look you desire. Step 5. After the piece completely dries, spray one very light coat of the looking
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  • Carol P Fort Scott, KS
    What about using this paint for a bowllng ball? Do you think it would look like a gazing garden globe?
  • Julie Hastings, MN
    The mirror image is on the opposite side you spray. I did two french doors with 10 panes of glass each. The smell is atrocious even done outside. The only place to buy it is on line, and they are planning on discontinuing it something to do with the
  • Does the spray finish let any light through? I'd like to copy what you did with the entry way light but my hall is so dark I'm not sure if it would work
  • Leslie D Las Vegas, NV
    I've seen glass shades done with this, but they're always the "bell shaped" shades, with an exposed bulb that shines down, so it doesn't affect the light. I wouldn't use it on a fixture that has a "bowl" under the bulbs because it will block the light.
  • Thanks for the tip. My hall fixtures are from the 70's and look it. I need to change them somehow
  • Tina Lambert Las Vegas, NV
    The light bulbs on mine are behind the glass panels. The light illuminates the glass panels a bit but definantly does not shine through. I have found this paint both on amazon and Wal Mart. But Wal Mart sells out quickly as it is hit or miss if they have
  • Phyllis W Saint Pauls, NC
    I love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I have a '71 Fleetwood Limo for sale if you know of anyone looking for a project

  • Pamela Jordan Jones, OK
  • Beverly Farkus Cornelia, GA
    can the Looking Glass paint be used on vessels that will contain water? Like vases. And can the vessel be hand washed?
    • Nancy Glendale, OR
      Beverly Farkus No, Beverly, this stuff will come off if scrubbed, unless you used a sealant or topcoat.
  • Leslie D Las Vegas, NV
    If you coated the outside of the piece (like I did on the tall thin one in my photos), you could use it with water, but not if you spray the inside of the piece. A light rinsing won't hurt the finish, as I have rinsed mine and let them air dry to clean
  • Carol P Fort Scott, KS
    I bought the Krylon spray shinny silver and it does look like a gaze ball. Did it about a month ago and it has rained since. Still is shiny. I did spray prime it in white.
  • Bonnie Medearis Chowchilla, CA
    Has anyone tried this on the outside of shower doors? I have glass shower doors in my new house and the glass is water stained and will not come off. I was going to use a sealer and just wipe any finer prints off later very carfully. What is the
    • Bonnie Medearis Chowchilla, CA
      Bonnie Medearis I did the shower doors and they turned out awesome. Everyone that sees them loves them. And guess what, no more messing with watermarks on the shower doors! Loving that. I
  • Kristy Attaway Austin, TX
    Bonnie - I have been thinking of doing this on my guest shower door. The paint would have to be done on the outside I think but I am thinking it might work. I get light directly from above so not worried about the darkness. I keep thinking of spraying