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DIY Frugal Tub Scrub

Nifty Ideas Yesterday
Just a few simple (and frugal) ingredients to get your tub clean.

To see more: http://www.mommysavers.com/c/t/192688/frugal-tub-scrub

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  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Yep! Although I use Lysol 4-1, Orange and baking soda...and just a regular sponge....with the baking soda you really don't need anything else...that stuff is a real miracle! LOL
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Sharron W & Susie you are both right. Amazing how we used to buy expensive products that were not good for the home/health & now go back to the least expensive & best working products. Vinegar is another must have.
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Absolutly right Sherrie S Vinegar like Baking soda is good for 1000 things!
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    EXCELLENT!!! Thanks for sharing.
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    Good recipe. I really am a big believer in Dawn dish soap. You can also use a little squirt of Dawn to wash wood floors, remember to dry them, tile floors and I have used Dish soap mainly dawn to clean houses that people are allergic to everything. If
  • Melissa Boone
    Melissa Boone Latham, NY
    I'm going to try it today

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