Best steam mop for tile floors? To clean and sanitize.

Opinions about best steam mop? Considering either Hahn or Eureka envirosteamer. both seem to have pros and cons. These two appear to steam at a higher temperature than others; ie: shark, etc. thanks for any input!
  • Janet Smith
    Janet Smith College Station, TX
    I have a Haan and really love it. It heats the water to a higher temperature than many "steam mops" so it sanitizes. It cleans the tile without putting dirty water on the grout (which is what causes the grout to look so nasty)
    • Jean
      Jean Petaluma, CA
      Janet Smith Janet, which model Haan do you have. I have the agile, but am not very impressed and have never known if it is defective or just not very "steamy"...gone back to using an older shark.
  • Debradoo
    Debradoo Tallahassee, FL
    Does anyone know anything about the Bissell Power Fresh steam Mop?
  • Cynthia E
    Cynthia E Daleville, AL
    We purchased the Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop

    and we love it--it is safe for all flooring surfaces-- laminate, wood, tile, vinyl even has carpet glide pad for refreshing

    • Cynthia E
      Cynthia E Daleville, AL
      Court O'Grady yes Bathrooms and entry tile, I take it off the tough stains or heavy cleaning and put it on light clean, or steam only puts out less water that way.
  • Deb Bystricky
    Deb Bystricky Endicott, NY
    Any suggestions on the "latest and greatest" steam cleaner for tile floors? Borrowed a Orek from a friend but left my month old tile floors looking worse then they were before I started cleaning them (streaky). Also had to refill several times and the
  • Shirley maiorca
    shirley maiorca Easton, PA
    Debra, Did you get any response re Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop? Did you buy one? I am leaning toward purchasing one for my tile floors.