a basement update tour...

My basement renovation was done a couple of months ago and slowly but surely I'm making it feel like home...


  • bottom of stairs leading out of the basement
  • IKEA built in wall
  • slip covered sofa, it will do for now!
  • play area with toy closet
  • laundry room with barn door next to stairs leading back upstairs

To see more: http://www.no29design.com/2012/10/basement-update-tour.html

  • Patty O
    Patty O Killeen, TX
    Love the barn door to cover the laundry room! wish I could have seen more of the laundry room though. Also liked seeing the sink in the room! I wish that was common in households. My mom and grandma had a deep sink in their laundry room, and used it to
  • No. 29 Design
    No. 29 Design Belmont, MA
    @Patty O, I'm slowly getting around to the laundry room. I'll post pictures when it is done. I'm loving the sink. It even has the washboard in the front!
  • Joyce
    Joyce Mechanicsburg, PA
    WOW!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    I am so jealous! It is really beautiful. In fact it looks a whole lot better than my entire house.
  • Camillion718
    Everything is absolutely beautiful. Where did u find your barn door?
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