Transformations of a New England-Style Home with 21st Century Embellishments

Dog Beds 02.18.15
A renovation to meet the needs of a modern family lifestyle

Our New Canaan clients loved their home but needed significant updates to bring their environment up to date with 21st Century style, comfort and greater energy efficiency. They asked Titus Built to give their home an exterior facelift, expand their kitchen and perform other improvement projects throughout the home to meet their current lifestyle needs.

Our clients' life is centered around family and entertaining so it was important to them that their home renovation have a good traffic flow. This home is situated on five acres with an exterior pool and pool house. Titus Built was contracted to design, remodel and build an addition to the home with the inside integrating easily to the outside to work well for entertaining.

The new design features a turret addition with upholstery seating where family and guests can relax and mingle while in the kitchen. The design also flows nicely from the inside to a mahogany deck and to the landscape and pool. The new turret adds an abundant amount of natural light and ventilation to the kitchen with 12' high windows. Other details in the kitchen include a variation in depth of base cabinets;

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  • Sharon Bothwell
    Sharon Bothwell Ridgefield, CT
    Hi Susan, The home was renovated last years, so I do not have all the figures on hand, but it is approximately 6,500 s.f. The addition was approximately an 800 s.f. footprint which included an addition to the finished basement and the turret. The home
  • Megan V (Our Pinteresting Family)
    I love the dog bed. :)
  • Sharon Bothwell
    Sharon Bothwell Ridgefield, CT
    Thank you, Megan V!
  • Connie K
    Connie K Kennesaw, GA
    What a fantastic home. All the woodworking is beautiful. I have a feeling that the mudroom is as large as my kitchen! I love the idea of the built in areas for the dog beds with the feeding area next to it. Bet the dogs like it too.
  • M. Arlene Blessing
    M. Arlene Blessing Pine Village, IN
    I can't even imagine living like this. Oops! I'm drooling!
  • Jojo P.
    Jojo P. Houston, TX
    wow...very pretty!
  • Amy Woods
    Amy Woods Cookeville, TN
    This is gorgeous! I shudder to think what this home is worth! The dog bed is wonderful. I would love to do that, only I have 4 dogs and not enough room for 4 built in beds!
  • N J Gross
    N J Gross Sagle, ID
    Beautiful! But I think my little house would fit into one story of that extension to the right of the main house! LOL
  • Sandi Maurer
    Sandi Maurer New Philadelphia, OH
    beautiful home but the guy just making it can only dream!!!
  • Grammie Linda
    Grammie Linda Mahomet, IL
    CAROL CARTELLI Kissimmee, FL
    VERY NICE!!!
  • Cheryl Moody
    Cheryl Moody Coatesville, PA
    OMG! I love this home. If I'd ever have a lot of money, I'd build one like this.
  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH
    I am wondering HOW MANY people live here or that this house will accomodate?
  • Angel
    Angel Alliance, OH
    Beautiful home and workmanship. Thanks for sharing! ;)
  • Elke
    Elke Germany
    What a beautiful gorgeous!...wish you always a nice time there!...greetings from germany! :D
Sharon Bothwell