DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack

Kitchen 08.12.15
In an effort to organize my kitchen and clear up some cabinet space, I built a spice rack for the back of my pantry door! I have my drawer back, and the babies can't reach my spices :-)! You can see the full tutorial at


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  • Amy Rohde
    Amy Rohde Fawn Grove, PA
    Super neato. What on earth is going on inside your panty? Is that UBER ORGANIZATION I see???? OMG it's like a work of art in there!!
  • Amy Rohde
    Amy Rohde Fawn Grove, PA
    Can you please tell me if you bought *or* built the can storage inside the pantry? Instructions for either would be so greatly appreciated!
  • Lillian Santana
    Lillian Santana San Antonio, TX
    Maybe click on the link above to her blog for more info.
  • Gianna
    gianna Fort Richardson, AK
    Definitely doing this in our new home. Great idea
  • Diane
    Diane Aledo, TX
    Gonna do this, thanks for the great idea!

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