Upcycled Glass Projects

fun DY projects 6 days ago
  • Solar Garden Lamp
  • Plant Stand
  • Fairy Umbrellas
  • Garden Decor
  • Fairy Umbrellas
  • Fairy Umbrellas
  • Bird Feeder made from old ashtray
  • Jewelry Catcher
  • Bird Bath
  • Garden Mushrooms
  • Bird Bath with hand-blown glass bowl
  • Fairy Mushroom
  • Fairy Mushroom
  • Solar Garden Lamp
  • Bird Feeder
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  • Colimbia1
    Colimbia1 Columbia, MD
    Great idea. I watched a woman at a 2nd Avenue going through the aisles and selecting vases and other glass objects to transform. Amazing where you find crafters looking for inspiration. Thanks!
  • Ann daniel
    Ann daniel Portland, TN
  • Linda Boyd
    Linda Boyd Weatherford, TX
    I have a lot of glassware & make yard art yes it takes time to put just the right ones together you do have a great eye for putting them together love your work
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    You really do have some beautiful treasures!
  • Nancy Hatcher
    Nancy Hatcher Republic, MO
    Leah R - What a great eye you have! Love these ideas! I've been a glass collector for 25 years and now I really need to do something with all the pretty wine bottles, cool beer bottles - anything that has "personality" - and you've just given me great
  • Nancy Hatcher
    Nancy Hatcher Republic, MO
    Nancy Fiedler - I've been a crafter most of my life and it does astound me when I hear comments "I could do that" (of course I've been guilty of the same, just not to the crafter's face"). No one knows how much of the creative process goes into our
  • Nancy Fiedler
    Nancy Fiedler Andover, MN
    I 'do' this as well, and YES it is very time consuming. you have audition many pieces before the right ones come together. And then the assembly can take 3-4 days. I cannot tell you haw much glassware I have in my basement.
Leah R

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