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  • Trace Stagg
    Trace Stagg Canada

    Love the floor treatment, after much research it seems like these floors are very durable. I'll guess the multiple coats of polyurethane is the key. Will be attempting this in my craft room in the new year...can't wait. Pics to follow if all goes

  • Wanda Leard
    Wanda Leard Reno, NV

    Love this idea -it's always the most basic ideas that are so awesome!

  • Oheathero
    Oheathero Lehi, UT

    What brand /color of paint is that door?

  • Elaine Schwebel Brooks

    I tried to go to your web page and it goes to nutmeg oil.

  • Sunedaze983
    Sunedaze983 Pottstown, PA

    I tried to go to your web page, but it said this domain is for sale. Any suggestions?! Thank you!