DIY Non-Toxic Cleaner

Make your own natural cleaner. No chemicals, no harsh odors and safe for children & pets. Best part, it is inexpensive and only requires two ingredients: vinegar and lemons.

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  • Deborah Phillips
    Deborah Phillips Browns Summit, NC
    could you use oranges also? I just love the citrus aromas!
  • Vicki R
    Vicki R Buffalo, NY
    I love the smell of vinegar and use it to clean everything. I miss my lemon tree and my neighbor's grapefruit tree. Handy to pick them off the tree rather than pay @ the store. The smell of Pine Sol (pine scent) makes me nauseous & dizzy. Don't like
  • Christy
    Christy Athens, GA
    Are there any good DIY cleaners that DON'T have vinegar in them? The smell of vinegar makes me nauseous. I'd like to try and make my own cleaner but just can't do it with vinegar. Thanks for any suggestions.
    • Nicole @WonkyWonderful
      Christy I've seen some baking soda based cleaners. But I haven't tried those types of cleaners so I can't vouch for how well they work.
  • Beverly Brannan
    Beverly Brannan House Springs, MO
    My daughter and son-in-law created a vintage 1920 house; lots of wood! She uses this lemon/vinegar mixture to clean her mantel, window seat, bookshelves (all built by my son-in-law!), tables and desk. It does a wonderful job.
  • Billie Kendall
    Billie Kendall Linton, IN
    My daughter found a recipe for homemade cleaner. U use oranges instead of lemons. We followed the directions and was very disappointed. Whemn we took lid off of container, the smell was awful. Smelled like something rotten. I did clean great but couldn't
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Belleville, IL
    My daughter has asthma as well. I have used this, along with other home-made cleaners, and they have all worked very well!
  • Amanda M
    Amanda M Bethlehem, GA
    Considering this because my youngest daughter has asthma and many cleaning products trigger her attacks. Does vinegar do well attacking germs and viruses?
  • Vicki R
    Vicki R Buffalo, NY
    This is a no rinse cleaner that leaves shine no film or streaks. Love it!
  • Beth S
    Beth S Caledonia, MI
    I use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to remove carpet stains
  • Ellie brown
    Ellie brown Nescopeck, PA
    A 98 year old woman I took care of many years ago made me clean EVERYTHING with vinegar..She told me "I lived through the depression, and when you don't have anything, you compromise. Her home smelled like vinegar, but it sparkled.
  • Margaret J
    Margaret J Dearborn Heights, MI
    I made this .. smell good but I didn't feel it cleaned that great...
  • Nicole @WonkyWonderful
    I haven't tried it with ammonia, so I can't say for sure. I have only used the good ol' cheap white vinegar.
  • Grandycakes
    Grandycakes Ocean City, NJ
    I have been using vinegar for cleaning for many years, as many of my age group have. I really like your idea of adding lemon which makes it more acidic I think it is interesting that "suddenly" the makers of vinegar have noticed us. So now, they are
Nicole @WonkyWonderful