How To Clean In Between The Glass On Your Stove Doors

A Use for Everything 23 hours ago
Want to clean that space in between the glass on your oven door? It's really not hard...all you need is an inexpensive tool and a few free minutes. #CleanIt
Clean the space between your oven doors.
Special tool for torx screw...around $5.
Open up the doors, but be careful, because they may spring apart.
Scrub with baking soda and water paste mixture.
All clean and completely see through now!

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  • Eva Gonzalez
    Eva Gonzalez San Antonio, TX
    Great Idea. We accidently got some white ceiling paint on our stainless steel oven doors and we can;t seem to take it off. I hate to replace them with new ones. Any ideas??
    • Dana Merrell-Bair
      Eva Gonzalez Maybe a wet sanding block? It doesn't scratch like one would assume.. I used one last night on a painted dresser to remove rubber matting that stuck to the dresser
  • Davhelcruz
    Davhelcruz Greensboro, NC
    I thank you so much I'm going to try it and will let you know.
  • Bob Blakely
    Bob Blakely Roy, UT
    You could try #000 steel wool on the ceiling paint. Find it in the paint department. It is super fine. I use it to clean hard water marks off my truck windows as well as many other cleaning chores. Make sure to use it in a very inconspicuous spot to
  • Pathartzke
    Pathartzke Saint Louis, MO
    where do you get the tool needed to remove the torx screw?
  • Tnpeggy
    Tnpeggy Oak Ridge, TN
    By looking at the photo, it looks like she's using an Allen wrench.

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