How To Clean In Between The Glass On Your Stove Doors

Craft 3 days ago
Want to clean that space in between the glass on your oven door? It's really not hard...all you need is an inexpensive tool and a few free minutes. #CleanIt
Clean the space between your oven doors.
Special tool for torx screw...around $5.
Open up the doors, but be careful, because they may spring apart.
Scrub with baking soda and water paste mixture.
All clean and completely see through now!

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  • Allison Robbins
    This cleaning tip is pretty obvious. Be ready also to hold the glass and have a place to put it. For mine, I needed large vise grips to hold the door together when I was putting the screws back in.
  • Marty
    marty Klingerstown, PA ready to hold the glass!!! My husband tried cleaning our stove this way and the glass fell out and shattered everywhere....Got a new stove out of it though!
  • Patti
    Patti Amsterdam, NY
    if just a drip on the glass a pipe cleaner from Lowe's thick cushy helps too
  • Drmanifold
    Try Shaklee Scour Off to clean glass stove tops. Works wonders.
  • Debra Marshall
    I'd like to know how that part of the stove gets dirty to begin with if it is sealed......
  • Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier
    You have to be careful when you mess with you stove doors, some of them have gas in-between the glass, we had a friend that had cleaned theirs an the next day the oven glass exploded.
  • Carol
    Carol Thomasville, GA
    Use ketchup for any burned on areas. Works also for pots and pans.
  • Pam Devroy
    Pam Devroy Clinton Township, MI
    I use Bon Ami in a paste. I break a craft stick in half and use the broken end to rub the paste around the burner and it cleans it to look brand new. Now to tackle inside the glass on the doors...Not to sure about taking it apart.
  • Kate
    Kate Naples, FL
    Just use a straight-edge scraping razor designed to remove paint and sticky labels on the ceramic stove top. I've been doing it for years, and it works great! (It didn't hurt that the salesperson where I bought it recommended it.) It doesn't scratch and
  • Clearissa
    Clearissa Cary, NC
    This was a good post. So great that I used it in one of my posts of 6 Life Hacks Everyone Can Use. I gave you full credit and linked back to your page. You can check it out.
  • Joetaylor
    The Amana Range gets bad Runs in between the glass the model is AER5830VAW if you purchase this mode be sure to get the extended warranty.
  • Dolly
    Dolly Columbus, OH
    Great information thanks
  • Martha May
    Martha May Australia
    BiCarb is just the best for many things. Non toxic well, even water can kill you...Yes if you drink too much but that is another day.
  • Katt13
    Katt13 Parkville, MD
    Carol ketchup works on burn stains? wow never knew, I know vinegar has a lot of uses but ketchup..thanks
    • LCGPetrey
      LCGPetrey Atlanta, GA
      I thinks it's the vinegar that's working, not the sugar, but it might be to acid of the toms. Excep toms probably don't have enough acid in the hybrids these days.
  • Carol
    Carol Thomasville, GA
    Use ketchup on copper (Revere Ware), cook top stoves. I can tomatoes. Sometimes some stick to bottom of my speckled blue enameled 20+ gal. pot which can go through many washings and hand scrubbings without removal. After living at lease a year stuck to