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  • I have a Kenmore. It was easy to take apart...but I was suprised to see that the glass just "floats" in the door? and, two plastic supports also floating around in there..have no idea where they were supposed to be, or what they were holding on to.
    • Monica Koerperich Ocean Springs, MS
      Jani I have a Kenmore also. I will look at mine, and maybe get back to you about some things. You may have corrected your problem by now. But looking at all these comments, I am now scared to tackle the job of cleaning it.
  • They Don't ALL come apart the SAME way...
  • I opened my Kenmore range glass and I don't recall which glass panel was on the inside and which was between the inner and the exterior panel. The part numbers listed on the website exploded view are off by one number at the end (one is a 0 and the
    • Norman Ransom Canon City, CO
      R1br I can't help you identify the different glass but your range will now be dangerous. As others have stated the glass can explode and fly across the room, dangerous to all but especially to
    • Norman Ransom Thanks for your concern. Upon closer inspection I found the part numbers etched on the glass. I further called a shop and asked if it mattered which direction each pane
  • The dirt will help insulate the glass thus keeping heat in and using less energy
  • Lea New Rochelle, NY
    Thank you so much! This worked great!
  • Nan Middleville, MI
    I took my GE Profile apart, to clean the between the glass door panel. The cleaning took 15 minutes. Reassembly took the better part of the afternoon...UGH! I saw an aluminum tab wrapping around the enamel white of the door panel (side). Two years later
  • Carl Bluffton, SC
    All of the above happened to me. I took it apart and it SPRANG apart. I cleaned the glass just fine but then couldn't get it back together. Finally, I managed to let the glass slip out of my hands and it hit the floor and went into a gazillion pieces
  • Barbara New Castle, PA
    My glass door has a pretty kitchen hand towel hanging on the handle which I change often so it always looks spiffy. It also hides a multitude of sins........
  • Lyn-J Canada
    Be very cautious about this. I took mine apart, cleaned it and put it back together. When I went to use my stove the glass cracked and that cost, Not all stoves are the same.
  • Norman Ransom Canon City, CO
    Good job, it's been a few years since I have worked on any ranges but the early models had tempered glass on the inside to handle the 900+ degree temps. I have seen the outer glass shatter due to several reasons. Just didn't want anyone injured, most of
  • Great job. My range isn't this easy. There were 4 layers of glass on the door and I was unable to unscrew the door that easily. The door was too heavy for me to remove., yeah, I had to call in a service guy. He did an excellent job.
    • MJ Bakersville, NC
      Elbu I stored the iron skillet in mine and the handle must have been protruding over the the edge of the rack, because my inside glass broke. I was able to buy a replacement glass from a mail order