Lighted gazing ball mounted in an old log / Instructions included!

garden crafts 03.20.16
This is a standard glass gazing ball that can be purchased at many home centers that we mounted on an old log and installed colored lights inside the glass ball. We drilled a hole up through the center of the log and fished an extension cord from the bottom to the top and into the glass ball after inserting colored LED lights. Then we mounted the log on a concrete base and secured it in place. I broke my original beloved gazing ball this morning trying to get pics so that is the reason for the change on the color of the glass ball.

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  • Libby Yuewhoo
    What a great idea. The lights give the Fairy Ball a special dimension, being able to see it at night. Love your garden and the way it continues into the forest.
  • Linda
    Linda Elmer, NJ
    Your garden is magical and a little mysteries. Just the way the fairies like it.

    I found a extra large thick glass clear globe at a flea market and was wondering how to use it. Do you think using a clear

  • Linda
    Linda Elmer, NJ
    I'm sorry you broke your favorite globe. Last spring I saw that type of globe at the Big Lot stores.
  • Deanna
    Deanna Fulton, NY
    Going to try to make this,this spring if it ever gets here :),thanks so much for this idea it is beautiful :)
  • Karne Queen
    Karne Queen Montgomery, AL
Julee S