Wreaths 09.24.13

My Southern Front Porch Dressed in its Fall Finery

I love my porch. Its small and intimate. Not your typical Southern porch that wraps around and never ends. (ok, I want one of those too) But mine is large enough for rockers, and cozy enough that my husband and I can sit there on lazy evenings and watch the deer run through the yard. Amazing. As much as I love my porch, I love Fall. I invite you up onto my porch and sit for a spell. I'll get us some refreshments. :) #FallDecor

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  • Barb, I clicked over to see it all on your blog and everything is gorgeous. Love the color of your front door, by the way!
  • Thanks Jane. I call that the door of many colors, red colors that is. I spent more on quarts of red paint than I have ever spent on any one project, and wouldn't you know it my Smarty Pants Painter suggested this off the shelf color which I just knew
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    I want to come sit for a spell. We can talk politics. KIDDING :)
  • beautiful!
  • Miriam. Why yes we can. :-D
  • Stephanie - thanks so much!
  • Oh my word... that wreath is AMAZING! And so perfect on this door... just wow. I love the overlapping twig part so much.
  • Wow! just wow.
  • Oh thanks Donna and Melissa. It is the prettiest wreath I have ever seen and I love how the red door looks behind it. So glad I did not paint my door blue. LOL
  • Lovely and looks amazing with that front door color!! ;)
  • Thanks ladies!
  • Everything is beautiful, love those topiaries,and that wreath is gorgeous!
  • Thanks Sheila. Wish my porch was about 20x's larger, but I will have to settle for what I have until I inherit my "Tara." LOL