Creating Faux Stained Glass with Acrylic Paint and Glue!

Crafts 05.19.15
A simple way to create that stained glass look for just pennies, using supplies that you may very well already have!

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  • Donna Mancini
    Donna Mancini Elmwood Park, IL
    This beautiful would love to try it...
  • Debbie Moore
    Debbie Moore Muskegon, MI
    I can see my steeping stones now.
  • Laura Womack
    Laura Womack Petersburg, VA
    I want to paint some windows in our entry way there are 8 small windows going down on each side of our front door. I would like to paint each window a different color, we live in an older home built in 1925? What kind of paint and where can I get it
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    I picked up some square glass light fittings that had been thrown out a couple of days ago - I think this would be a perfect project! Thanks for sharing.
  • Susan Myers
    Susan Myers Villa Rica, GA
    Hi Laura, I would recommend using paints that are meant for glass. You can purchase them at most craft stores or even at under "glass paint". Those windows are in the elements and take extreme temperature changes. The glue and acrylic paint
  • Sherry Knott
    Sherry Knott Rome, GA
    I've got to try this! I do have a question though as I am just getting started painting faux stained glass. I bought a Gallery Glass Stained Glass Paint Kit and it works great, but the colors are limited. Will regular glass paint (typically used to paint
  • Lea Grossman
    Lea Grossman New Rochelle, NY
    that is so beautiful!
  • Mubdi Mutakabirr
    Mubdi Mutakabirr Brooklyn, NY
    Hi SUSAN, My Name is Hajj. I need to find glass stain paint. About 9 years ago, I bought a few tubes of Glass stain paint. My pictures came out super. i purchase the paint from Pearl Paint. They don't carrie it anymore. Where can I Buy stain paint. If i
  • Gilded-Lily Historical Finishes
    I really love this. Beautiful work. Will have to put this on my list of "To Do" projects.
  • Peggy
    Peggy Madison, VA
    I love love love this. Am a lover of peacocks. This is so beautiful.
  • Sandy
    Sandy Mystic, CT
    What is clear glue, what brand ?
  • Elizabeth Williams Schott
    susan what a great answer for those of us with arthritis... the faux lead is so hard to squeeze. That being said, the black/glue comes out so easy I'm having a hard time controlling the thickness, what's going to happen with my students? Is there
    • Susan Myers
      Susan Myers Villa Rica, GA
      Elizabeth Williams Schott Hi Elizabeth! I'm wondering if you added too much paint. You will be surprised at how little you need -even for the black. That would thin
  • Elizabeth Williams Schott
    Thanks Susan, I just figured when you think about it the consistencies are the same? The glue came out smoothly but it just came out too much lol. If it comes down to it, would a craft "tacky" type glue work better for me? I posted my sample thus far
  • Elizabeth Williams Schott
    I should have said the consistencies of the glue and paint.
  • Elizabeth Williams Schott
    Susan I am so sorry to be such a pain...the x-acto knife did a great job getting rid of the thickness. Now my issue is with mixing the clear glue with paint...bubble city, what is your secret? Thank you so much this is going to be a great project,
Susan Myers