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Doors To Storage (Literally)

We're guessing many of you love to see
little home transformations, and creative spaces, as we do, and that's
just what we hope to share with you here. In this post we show you how we took some real old house doors, and recycled them into storage that really works for us! They are a definite conversation piece to any first time visitors to our home. Come see how we did it, and the hidden features as well.
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  • Georgina
    Georgina Canada

    What a Brilliant Idea!!

  • Lynn Zawojski
    Lynn Zawojski Derry, NH

    love the storage bench and the saying. Looks as if it was that way all along.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Purvis, MS

    I LOVE this. I need this in my entryway, I even have all of the supplies it needs! But this looks scary complicated

  • UdyRegan
    UdyRegan Australia

    Such a simple yet elegant idea! I would not have thought of repurposing doors into a storage box like that and with that new coat of paint it looks practically store-bought!

  • ThomasMaloney
    ThomasMaloney Australia

    I am loving the idea of the wire mesh as an inner lining inside the shoe storage box. It really does make sense to have something that makes it easier to clean up dirt and mud and what not when we bring our shoes in from the outdoors. Surprised that

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