How to Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

4 days ago
Who else thinks soap scum is the enemy of all homeowners?

This past weekend I decided to put my cleaning plan into action and eliminate the haze on my shower doors that's from soap & hard water. I used the safe combination of baking soda and white vinegar to remove the soap scum. Then I applied Rain-X to the shower door glass to prevent this from happening again, or at the very least stop me from having to clean the doors as frequently.

I wanted to share this process because it worked better than I thought it would. You can view the blog post I put together at

If you don't do anything else you should view the video. Not only does it walk you through everything I did it shows you one crucial action I forgot to take-comb my hair before filming! But I don't mind embarrassing myself for the Hometalk community.


Time: 30 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Nancyann
    Nancyann Suwanee, GA
    Here is a helping hint for you. I keep a approximately 10 inch squeegee with a clear edge in the shower areas of my home. After every shower, I squeegee all the flat surfaces. It truly doesn't take but a minute or less but the benefits are super. Soap
  • Jean Myles
    Jean Myles Canada
    Great tutorial I use RainX windshield washing fluid to clean the outside of my house windows in the winter. No I'm not outside washing my windows My windows slide in for easy cleaning. Works like a charm .Doesn't freeze up. Thanks for sharing.
  • Valerie Becerra
    Valerie Becerra Kelseyville, CA
    Dryer sheets which when wet take soap scum off easily.
    • Jemma Dee
      Jemma Dee South Elgin, IL
      Valerie Becerra I hate to scrub so I just pour some liquid fabric softener on a damp sponge and go over my shower doors. Then I clean it with glass cleaner and a paper towel. Amazing what a difference it makes!
  • Paul Moore-Northrop
    The first time I showered in a friend's guest bath with a squeegee to use I thought, "Uhm!" I get it. And U did clean up after myself ....and next time I stayed in a hotel.
  • Judysart
    After cleaning your shower glass door, use LEMON OIL on it and it is less expensive overall, and does about the same as Rain X also can use lemon oil on Tile.
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