How to Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

To do 01.28.16
Who else thinks soap scum is the enemy of all homeowners?

This past weekend I decided to put my cleaning plan into action and eliminate the haze on my shower doors that's from soap & hard water. I used the safe combination of baking soda and white vinegar to remove the soap scum. Then I applied Rain-X to the shower door glass to prevent this from happening again, or at the very least stop me from having to clean the doors as frequently.

I wanted to share this process because it worked better than I thought it would. You can view the blog post I put together at

If you don't do anything else you should view the video. Not only does it walk you through everything I did it shows you one crucial action I forgot to take-comb my hair before filming! But I don't mind embarrassing myself for the Hometalk community.


Time: 30 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Wow, thanks everyone for the additional tips. It's great that we can all work together to make cleaning tasks a bit easier.
  • Denny George
    Denny George Sandy, OR
    thanks for the advice. I will pass it on to the wife and see if it makes her job easier. We have bad hard water stains. By the way I find the magic eraser useless. I don't know maybe its me and I'm not using it right.
  • Bernice Westover
    Bernice Westover Pinellas Park, FL
    To get the scum off shower curtains, just wash it with your towels.
  • Sarah Reid
    Yes lemon oil works wonders on glass shower doors...of course after you clean them. Just add it to a soft towel and apply. I've also found that using perxoide and baking soda works great on soap scum too. Make a paste out of it and apply it to your
  • Mary Insana
    Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA
    Cynthia Maynard, have you tried soaking your plastic curtain liner in the washer with hot water, vinegar and baking soda? Try it, I've heard it works.
  • Carol Sessoms
    Carol Sessoms Swansea, SC
    Dryer sheets also work.....take one into the shower with you and wipe down walls and glass shower door, then rinse. Works great! You'll be amazed at the dirt you see on the dryer sheet!
  • Mary Insana
    Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA
    I had read once that after you get the soap scum off your shower doors dry them and apply Lemon Oil, the kind you use on your wood furniture to the doors. It makes the water roll right off and keeps the scum from clinging. I would imagine you could also
  • Cynthia Maynard
    How do I get the soap scum off the plastic curtain liner?
    • Sylvie
      Sylvie Wesley Chapel, FL
      You can put it in the wash with a little bleach and it will come out good as new.
  • Diane H
    Diane H Lansdale, PA
    What a great idea. I am going to go get the Rain-X from the garage right now and try it.
  • Cindy
    Cindy Lakeland, FL
    Angel R.....You've got my undivided attention! Do you mean one should use baby oil in the shower instead of soap, OR do you mean that one should be cleaning the glass shower door / walls with the baby oil??? Cuz I've tried the baking soda vinegar, magic
  • Angel R
    Angel R Walled Lake, MI
    You guys! who doesnt know to use baby oil by now!???!
  • Rose grage
    Rose grage Palos Park, IL
    Love the magic erasers.
  • Marie Kissinger
    Marie Kissinger Saranac, MI
    will try this weekend
  • Lora H
    Lora H Hineston, LA
    if you stop using bar soap and start using a shower gel instead it helps keep it from happening..i was afraid my husband wouldn't go for that [died in the wool dial bar soap...ugh] but he said if it made my job easier he would do and he did...and it has
  • Rhonda F.
    Rhonda F. Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Thanks, I will have to tell my cleaning lady, LOL! (by the way that is me)
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