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Do you want a quick and easy way to make your ceramic tile and hardwood sparkle?

I share with you on this post how this "secret" has worked for me! Want a quick way to give your ceramic tile and hardwood floors a sparkle? It's as easy as grabbing your bottle of Windex or a generic version. This was a trick I was taught years ago when I used to clean condos on the weekend in my "youth". I do it when I don't have time for a deep clean and even after deep cleaning. Gives everything an extra sparkle! You can check out the rest of the details here: http://youaretalkingtoomuch.com/2012/10/quick-and-easy-way-to-make-ceramic-tile-and-hardwood-sparkle-and-shine/
  • B. mieckowski
    B. mieckowski El Paso, TX

    Can I use the windex on my tile floors. Even after thoroughly cleaning them they remain dull looking.

  • Deb
    Deb Canada

    I have used window cleaner for bathroom floors forever. Spray, wipe with paper towel...everything picked up with the paper towel and the floor is dry instantly.

  • Kathy T
    Kathy T Rainbow City, AL

    I have used window cleaner or vinegar on my tile floors for many years. Also works well for counter tops and stove, refrigerator and dishwasher exteriors. I'm thinking it probably gets the last little bit of soap residue from cleaning.

  • Megan Lillich
    Megan Lillich San Luis Obispo, CA

    Windex actually contains quartinary ammonia which is a disinfectant. ( I am a microbiologist and former health inspector) so I would happily eat off your counters- it would be no different then eating of a plate in a restaurant that sanitizes with

  • Valery
    Valery Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    I wouldn't use on unsealed hardwood.

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