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  • Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA
    All the little boys will be wanting to come to your house for a sleepover in the special nook. Every little one should have a special little place to hide away to read, play or just daydream. It looks so inviting, you may want to curl up there too!
  • LOVE this. Would love to do something like this for my boys but unfortunately I don;t have enough closets to give up one. LOL
  • would have loved to have one when I was a kid. Shoot, I'd love to have one now!
  • This is seriously so cool! You did a fantastic job!
  • Karen T Bristol, CT
    Very clever to do. Great for small child, girl or boy.
  • Gena R Tenafly, NJ
    So cute and cozy! Great job!
  • Fabulous!
  • Becky Blair, NE
    What a neat idea Brittany! Lucky little guy to have a space like this.
  • Samantha United Kingdom
    It looks adorable, I love it!!! Great work :)
  • Teri Herzog Jacksonville, FL
    I love it ,great job.
  • Linda P Huntsville, AL
    What a special space for a little boy to have in his room! He can close the curtains and be anywhere he wants to be LOL. I once had a plan to do this in the large closet off my living room but other things took priority. You did a great job--it looks