wreathes 03.17.14

Fall Wreath made with Cotton Bolls

I used South Carolina cotton bolls, sent to me by a southern belle friend, to add interest and texture to my fall front door wreath. At first I thought I could just stick the cotton boll sticks in the wreath but they were very delicate. I switched to hot glue and that worked perfectly.

To see more: http://www.onsuttonplace.com/cotton-boll-wreath/

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  • Oh Ann, its just beautiful. I love all the different elements such as the homespun stars. LOVE.
  • Oh wow, how fun and colourful! Your wreath just makes me smile! Loving all the different little touches added to this one, it's a delight for the eyes. :)
  • Love it Ann! Looks great! So many details!
  • love sunflowers! and the cotton is a great touch!
  • debbiedoo's Fort Mill, SC
    You know this is a fav of mine, being a Southern girl:)
  • LOVE - I want cotton bolls!! Too bad they don't grow in NJ!
  • being from the south..this feels like home!! Beautiful!!