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  • Dana M Austin, TX
    I like this very much! Good idea for the birds with winter coming on.
  • Selina @ Pretty Purple Tr... Kings Mountain, NC
    I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing.
  • Lorrie B Beaver Falls, PA
    Thank you Dana and Selina!
  • Thanks so much for sharing this great idea, love it! :
  • Kathy Box Springs, GA
    Love the bird feed and like the way you have a trellis with clematis next to it so the plant softens it and makes a little more cover for the birds.
  • Paula Chapman Lincolnton, NC
    Awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  • This is very cool! I had seen something like this with a solar light! Verry cool...thank you for showing this!
  • Maria Salcedo Chicago, IL
    This is an absolutely wonderful idea for these nice lamps! I have several put away that my husband is eager to dispose of ( he really says I'm a hoarder) LoL. But really, I knew there was SOMETHING that could be made to repurpose. At first I was just
  • Connie B Hendersonville, NC
    Nice! A-yard Saling we'll go!!!
  • Karen Roxboro, NC
    You are very creative. Love it.
  • Jamie Keene, NH
    Awesome! Thanks 4 the share!