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Constructing A Cool Mailbox From A Pallet - For Under $13!

We needed a mailbox for the farm – and wanted it to match the barn and surroundings. After looking on-line and in stores over the past few months – we realized anything unique was well over $125 to $150.00. We decided to continue the recycle, re-use and re-purpose theme and build one ourselves out of a few pieces of left over scrap lumber and a pallet.
Utilizing the scrap we had on hand – our total cost was under $13. But even if one had to purchase the couple of 2x boards needed for the project, you would still be under $25 to build.
How We Built It: (you can see a complete picture tutorial on our blog post)
Like most of our projects – we started by cutting out all of the pieces and setting them out. (You can find a complete materials and tool list at the end of this post)
Beginning with a couple of scrap pieces of 2 x 10″ lumber left over from another building project – we made the base and two ends. The base we cut at 22″ long to make the rectangle needed for the mailbox to sit

To see more: http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2012/10/30/building-a-cool-mailbox-from-a-pallet-for-under-13/

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  • Krafty Kat
    Krafty Kat Dexter, GA

    Love pallets! The mailbox looks great!

  • Old World Garden Farms

    Thank you Krafty Kat! We love working with them for so many projects

  • Cindy brickley
    Cindy brickley Penfield, PA

    We are in the process of painting the house and also want to move the mailbox.
    Now would be a great time to make this to match the house. Just love this idea! Now any ideas on what to do with the steel pole that the mailbox is on now? May a

  • Carole Alden
    Carole Alden Michigan Center, MI

    Ours is a lot like yours but was built right over the mailbox. We just moved back to the farm. I knew my aunt and uncle had owned this farm before and my son was just able to get it back from the people who had bought it from them, but the other

  • 1966.rh

    OMG I love it! Wonderful job! I will be making it!