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DIY Haunted Ghostly Mirror with Krylon Looking Glass Paint Tutorial

crafts 08.18.13
OMGhoul...I love Krylon Looking Glass Paint B-O-O!!!

Last year I created this Ghoulish Ghostly Mirror. I promised to show you how I did it...well, for some reason I forgot to remember! So this year you can see I placed it on the floor with pumpkins and a witch's hat and shoes...those are my giant bookshelves in the background!!! See, I am showing you more of my home each day!!! That is scary for me!!!

To see more: http://cre8tivecompass.com/mag/2012/10/31/diy-haunted-ghostly-mirror-with-krylon-looking-glass-paint-tutorial/

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Rebecca E. Parsons

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