Cozying Up the Guest Room

It is that time of year when the holidays roll around we can probably expect to have some guests visiting. It is a good idea to make those guest rooms comfy. I have updated this guest room for the cooler seasons with warmer colors. Hope you will visit to see more.


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  • Jenna Burger Design
    Jenna Burger Design Saratoga Springs, NY
    Beautiful Kim! Can I come and stay?! lol... Your guests will love it. xo Jenna
  • Kim N
    Kim N Buford, GA
    Sure come on.
  • Refreshrestyle D
    Refreshrestyle D Bishop, GA
    Oh it's so beautiful! Very cozy :)
  • At The Picket Fence
    At The Picket Fence Florence, KY
    I just love this room Kim! The warmer colors are wonderful and it is so neat to switch it up seasonally. :-) ~Vanessa
  • Linda@nothingbutblueskyes
    This is inspiring - I need to fix up my guest room for the coming holidays. I love your choice of colors! Great job with the nightstand, also. I sense that lovely bed may not stay untouched soon -- maybe touch it up with some of that Miss Mustardseed
  • Kim N
    Kim N Buford, GA
    Thanks so much.
  • Kristie
    Kristie Louisa, KY
    Very classy!
  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Looks so inviting! Laurel
  • Kim N
    Kim N Buford, GA
    Thank you!
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Beautiful room Kim. I'd find it hard to get out of bed in the morning it looks so cozy!
  • Kim N
    Kim N Buford, GA
    Thank you, Becky.
  • Debbie
    Debbie Ladoga, IN
    so warm/inviting. looks like a great place to just plop down and relax/read
  • Wendy Hodgins
    Wendy Hodgins Stanwood, WA
    Where did you find that beautiful comforter?!
  • Kim N
    Kim N Buford, GA
    Wendy, it is a duvet cover from Pottery Barn.


  • Jan M
    Jan M Noble, OK
    Looks very comfortable!
Kim N