Socks for Sandy: Helping Sandy's Victims

Our neighborhood survived Hurricane Sandy. But that's not what this post is about.Instead, I'd like to focus on those people who survived with only the clothes on their backs. Literally.

Just down the road from our little neighborhood of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, the need is great. Many homes are gone, flooded, wiped out, total losses.

One of my sis-in-laws went to volunteer at the local Hurricane Shelter set up at the middle school. She spread the word about what items people needed, including socks. I went over there that same night with clothes and socks to donate.

I couldn't get the socks thing out of my head. People needed socks. People were walking around barefoot. But it was more than that, this sort-of obsession about socks. Putting socks on cold feet signifies warmth and comfort - a small bit of goodness during what will be a long and difficult road. It bothered me all night. And thus, Socks for Sandy was born.

You can help us gather up some warmth to share by collecting socks, gloves and winter hats - for men, women and children of all ages

To see more: http://petscribbles.blogspot.com/2012/11/socks-for-sandy-helping-sandys-victims.html

11065 on Nov 03, 2012
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  • Laura, I have been getting a lot more phone calls now and I am now being asked as to if u r still wanting items sent to u? or if u get items will they be sent to others if ur group is all collected enough? if there was a way to chat with u via goole+ ,
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    Hello Charmaine -- I mentioned this above: I've extended the deadline for two reasons: 1) because the response has been so great and 2) because the NEED is so great. Clothing is no longer being accepted at the shelter, as they literally have more than
  • ok thanks I can now pass this along ....as i do have a lot of items mostly clothes so i will sort through and get out a package asap
  • Package mailed yesterday, should arrive by Saturday, will extend this to my church on Sunday....I am hoping to get more people involved in this with me and hopefully will mail out another package next week. Have a Blessed Day.
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!! Please do NOT send any more hats, gloves, scarves, mittens. We have enough, more than enough. PLEASE DO SEND UNDERWEAR - ALL SIZES AND ALL AGES; AS WELL AS SOCKS FOR ALL AGES. Thank you! Please share this with those you may have
  • Shari J Wells Highland, NY
    Laura....you gave a PO box for address to mail packages. Will they accept packages at a PO box? or is this special one. Your work is greatly admired. Do not get tired.
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    Yes Shari, packages definitely are accepted! Because the response has been so big, the post office collects each day's shipment for me in several giant mail bins. My husband and I stuff these into our car and then drive them around the building to the
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    And here is today's version of our stuffed car - filled with all the boxes and packages for the victims of Hurricane Sandy who lost everything in this area. Thank you everyone for your generosity!
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    Great news! ----> Due to everyone's overwhelming kindness and generosity, I'm no longer seeking donations of socks! Isn't that awesome? We have received -- and are still receiving and will be receiving -- so many socks (and hats, gloves, scarves) that
  • Donna Dixson Buford, GA
    I am in awe of your generosity of spirit, energy and the time you have put into helping these folks out. My hat is off to you Laura! And the response of the people sending stuff to you is just incredible.
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    Thank you so much! I was asked this morning by the family who is running the supply center (for the Hurricane victims who lost everything) if I would extend Socks for Sandy and ask for some particular items not previously requested. I could not say no.
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    Hi everyone,

    The landlord for the location of the supply center (as well as the food center) for the Hurricane Sandy victims in our area

  • Donna Dixson Buford, GA
    will keep them crossed Laura, let us know
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    The newest update on Socks for Sandy: http://petscribbles.blogspot.com/2012/11/soc...
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    For those still following this thread, I thought i'd share the latest update, which is now on the Socks for Sandy blog that I started, just to keep all of the latest info in one easy place. :) Here's the link: http://socksforsandy.blogspot.com/2012/12/so...