Time to finish my penny gazing bowling-ball.

I pick up pennies off the side walks so it doesn't cost me a penny...(hehehe).

I painted the bowling ball with copper paint first - then glue on the pennies with Goop glue. I leave the holes so people can see it is a bowling ball.

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  • CeeJai
    CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    You're welcome. Enjoy your weekend too!
  • Carolyn jones
    Carolyn jones Winston Salem, NC
    You can use Texas Pete hot sauce on a cloth to shine these penny's. They will sparkle
    • CeeJai
      CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
      Carolyn jones Thanks, I use lemon juice and baking soda - Texas Pete would make me hungry for hot wings LOL
  • Mickey G. Smith
    Mickey G. Smith Harrison, OH
    Hot sauce is amazing! My son showed me at our favorite chili place. They really shine!!!
  • Dianne cuddington
    beautiful and brilliant idea
  • Connie marsh
    Connie marsh Midland, MI
    You can also purchase a cleaner for copper. Many used to clean and shine the bittoms of their cookware with this