Awesome Remodels 03.18.14

Time to finish my penny gazing bowling-ball.

I pick up pennies off the side walks so it doesn't cost me a penny...(hehehe).

I painted the bowling ball with copper paint first - then glue on the pennies with Goop glue. I leave the holes so people can see it is a bowling ball.

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  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    JoAnn S - Yes, I do leave it outside but under protection of porch, deck, or pergola. The first one I did I just left in my garden and I'm still picking up pennies that popped off. And that was years ago... LOL
  • Anita Dueis Moorhead, MN
    finally got the pics to load... with my weather I don't think they would do well outside without the grout. the moisture would get behind the pennies/glass, then freeze and pop them off
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    Anita in Georgia we normally don't get a lot of freezing temps that may be why it has worked for me. I'm excited that our penny-love has gathered so much interests ;)
  • Teri Ferndale, WA
    CeeJai love your penny ball. And did you know that copper keeps slugs away. So if you made this with all copper pennys and sit it on the ground the slugs stay away.We get lots of slugs here.
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    Thank you. Yes I do know copper keeps slugs away... I bought copper back when it was affordable and have it sticking in the ground in certain areas.
  • love it, Im going to try this one, also I always wanted to do a bathroom floor in pennies, when its time to replace my laminate, that's what I will do
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    Cpat that sounds like fun in the bathroom too... I pick pennies up off the street when I see them.
  • Donna L. Etchberger Shamokin, PA
    I have a bowling ball a friend gave me, and the pennies saved to do this @CeeJi. I saw your post on this about a year ago. Just need to find the time to get it done! I'm going to clean my pennies, and use the acrylic clear-coat on mine so it sparkles in
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    I use Goop and it last about 3 years here in GA's humidity and rain. But I've never tried adding a sealer - you might try that. I'd love to see a picture when you're finished.
  • Donna L. Etchberger Shamokin, PA
    Thanks CeeJai!
  • Deborah K Warren, RI
    Wouldn't any type of ball be just as effective? Does it have to be a bowling ball?
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    Hi Deborah,

    You could try any kind of ball that will hold items but I do know if you use balls with air they eventually deflate. Let me

  • Theresa Stewart Homosassa, FL
    I have looked for round light globes for this type of project but decided on bowling balls #1 coz they're cheap & #2 they wont break under the weight of pennies nor if a limb or what ever should fall on it & ruin all my pretty work :-) Penny's Rock LoL.
  • Deb Abbie'sMom Racine, WI
    what kind of paint did u paint your ball with and do u have to paint it?
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    Hi Deb,

    I used spray paint from Home Depot and you don't have to paint it. I did so it would be copper colored in between the