Lighting Ideas 11.19.13

A Mason Jar Chandelier

I made a mason jar chandelier for a backyard date with my husband. It was the perfect way to add a little ambiance to our al fresco dining and required nothing but mason jars and twine.

To see more: http://dukesandduchesses.com/2011/05/dining-al-fresco

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  • I love mason jars. I would live in one if I could. : ) Great job! Can't wait to enjoy the post!
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    congratulations on making it that far. What a simple but elegant and calm way to celebrate.
  • Susan C Beaumont, TX
    If you use the rings they are much easier to manipulate.....I punched a hole in either side of the ring, slid in the wire, looped it and then screwed the ring back on...a lot less work than trying to get the wire around the neck of the jar, etc...and you
  • Rose S Marietta, GA
    Very very nice. If I still had my Sweetie I'd copy this for our next anniversary. :-)
  • Randi Dukes Flower Mound, TX
    Susan C ... great tip. If I do it again, I'll definitely remember that.
  • Janet M Halbur, IA
    neat idea but in windy Iowa these would not last very long outside
  • Way too cool! They are perfect for candles due to the wind. I'd bet it looks so amazing lit!
  • How fun!!
  • Awesome look!
  • Randi Dukes These look beautiful! I'd love to try this out in our backyard! -Matt