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Hey...did you know that store-bought spaghetti sauce comes in Mason jars? Yep... add Dollar Tree votives, picture wire and acorns and you have super easy rustic fall candles!
Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $1.00 Difficulty: Easy
No need to spend all that money on Pottery Barn's hanging Mason jars! It's easy to make your own!
They are really simple to make and require only a few supplies...most of which I'll bet you already have on hand! Just click on the link at the end of this post for detailed instructions!
Hang outdoors for even more fall fun!

To see more: http://confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.com/2012/11/pottery-barn-inspired-mason-jar-candles.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Gwyn
    Gwyn Spring Hill, FL

    Supernewf! In the same exact section where you buy mason jars in the store is a box of lids and a box of screw tops. The lids are made in two pieces with flat metal lid with rubber around the edges for sealing when canning and the screw ring goes on

  • Debbie @ Confessions of a Plate Addict

    lol I am with Supernewf...canning is not my thing, although I have tried it. Thanks for the info on locating the lids, Gwyn.

  • Melissa B
    Melissa B Forney, TX

    Hey.... this is wonderful! AND.. .WalMart has white plastic lids to fit canning jars! Both wide mouth and regular mouth, you can also order them through Amazon.

  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA

    Where can one find fake acorns? I live in the Pacific Northwest where pine cones are everywhere but no acorns to be found anywhere.

    • Donna Becker
      Donna Becker Wenatchee, WA

      same here.. no acorns in much of the PNW but scads of those smaller cones from fir trees

  • Janie Franklin
    Janie Franklin Waynesville, NC

    I love this idea and have made this with potpourri and candle but I didn't think of using jars! Could do this for summer with silk flowers and beads or cheap imitation pearls.

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