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How to create a Mason Jar Patio Chandelier

I always lusted after the hanging ladders in Pottery Barn displays. Since I don't like to spend Pottery Barn prices on things I can make myself, I decided to wait it out and find a ladder that I could work with for my patio. When I found an old ladder at an antiques vendor booth, I knew it had to be mine. I brought it home finagled my husband into hanging it for me using lengths of chain and "C" clamps attached to our patio roof. Then I used simple hooks screwed into the wood of the ladder to hang the mason jars. I added some sand and tealights, and a Moravian star as a centerpiece.

Altogether between the ladder, the mason jars and the star lantern I think I might have formed a trifecta of perfection. :)

When I'm not entertaining I take the mason jars down from the ladder and sit them on the table in case a strong wind blows through. Don't want glass on my patio!

The ladder "chandelier" is one of my most favorite projects ever, especially since it is what drew me into the Hometalk community over a year ago. I happened upon a post here while randomly searching the internet. I shared my idea with you guys in someone else's thread and

To see more: http://unskinnyboppy.com/2011/04/pottery-barn-inspired-ladder-lantern/

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  • Peggy Pfahler Mansfield, OH
    Really like this idea
  • Carol Maulsby Sparta, WI
    Love, love, love this! I've never seen this before but I think I'll have to try it on my covered porch next summer. Thanks for the inspiration :)
  • I am in the same boat as Elaine C= no roof over my deck and not a house roof line to put one but the idea of the hanging lights is awesome... but will figure something or way else to use this concept... there has got to be a way....watch out my friends-
    • Leah Johnson I've seen tutorials with them hanging on fence posts or on posts along a path.. same concept, but different area.. they look so darn cute, too!
  • Nance Anderson Cottage Grove, MN
    This is a very unique idea - I really love it. Think of the possibilities!!
  • Deb Stevenson Tucson, AZ
    I have been looking for the hangers also for the canning jars and other types, those shown look so sturdy. Lovely idea with the ladder and hanging them above the table.
  • This is by far the cutest thing I have seen yet. VERY creative!!!
  • Dee Linden, TN
    Love it!
  • Torre McGregor Frasier Port Huron, MI
    super awesome!! I love it! I've been looking for a ladder like that for something different, but what you did is so creative!!
  • Beverly Uriah, AL
    I love, love , love that idea, and I Will most certainly make this one and the one with the old salt shakers, I,m amazed at he ideas I get on here and now its time to go have fun doing this. Thanks everyone for many ideas
  • Pat Dareneau Holly Ridge, NC
    could use the battery operated tea lights too
  • Jeanine Hurtt Tompkinsville, KY
    I want one in my kitchen but i am thinking one for my iron skillets, pots yours looks great . My neighbor has one leaning on his garage hope i can get it
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    I love this idea. Now to find an old wooden ladder.
  • Wanda Morat Gambrills, MD
    What a great place for it--right outside the window and above the table--so nice!
  • Shannon M Sanders Waldron, MI
    Love this idea unique and antique