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How to Create a Mason Jar Patio Chandelier

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
I always lusted after the hanging ladders in Pottery Barn displays. Since I don't like to spend Pottery Barn prices on things I can make myself, I decided to wait it out and find a ladder that I could work with for my patio. When I found an old ladder at an antiques vendor booth, I knew it had to be mine. I brought it home finagled my husband into hanging it for me using mason jars as the "chandeliers". I added some sand and tealights, and a Moravian star as a centerpiece.
Altogether between the ladder, the mason jars and the star lantern I think I might have formed a trifecta of perfection. :)
When I'm not entertaining I take the mason jars down from the ladder and sit them on the table in case a strong wind blows through. Don't want glass on my patio!
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The Pottery Barn Inspiration photo that started it all....
This ladder "chandelier" is one of my most favorite projects ever. I've got the full tutorial on how to hang the ladder with photo instructions over at my blog post.

To see more: http://unskinnyboppy.com/2011/04/pottery-barn-inspired-ladder-lantern/

  • Maria Isabel MANDAGARAN

    Muchas Gracias!!! Me ayudo a resolver un problema en mi terraza.- Muy buena y muy linda la idea.-.

  • Clou77
    Clou77 Leicester, MA

    Great idea! And just love the color matching your patio cousions. It really does make it appear lighter than the black. Thanks for sharing !

  • MM

    It looks so cosy with the warm colours and glowing light from the candles!

  • Amy Dillon
    Amy Dillon Fort Myers, FL

    LOVE IT! I love anything with mason jar!!! Now to find a ladder?!?!?!?

  • Blindsgalore
    Blindsgalore San Diego, CA

    This is stunning. Can't wait to try this one, thanks for sharing.

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