HVAC zoning verses added a 3rd System

Looking to completed my basement. One HVAC engineer says just do zoning auto dampers, one says put a 3rd system in just for the basement. I won't be a living space but a game room

  • Baby H
    Baby H Atlanta, GA
    Hi Woodbridge,

    the 3rd level(bedrooms only) have a 3 ton furnance and a 3 ton A/C(which is new) unit on one thermostat its about 1200 sq

  • Baby H
    Baby H Atlanta, GA
    Hi Hewitt, no one has mention anything about "mini split systems". So I'm learning a lot,
  • Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com
    I will digest that BH and get back to you later tonight. You have way to much cooling for the size of the house. Heat does not run on tonnage. It is # of BTU's input. Only AC system is rated as tons or 12,000 BTU's per ton.
  • Baby H
    Baby H Atlanta, GA
    Hi Woodbridge, Main level/Basement has 95% 75,000 BTU Rheem system and 3 ton AC unit. I will have to go back and ask that specific question. I can say that when I first purchased the home I had them do an "air flow" test on the home and was told i needed
  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Santa Ana, CA
    It is quite difficult to recommend anything right now about the HVAC system or the 3rd system because the site is unseen. I would say that you should consult an HVAC Service Providers and get detailed and accurate advice on the issue. Hope it helps.
Baby H