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Power Up In Style: Hide the Cords and Keep Your Counters Clutter-Free

Maybe you've started your own business, or the company you work for lets you work from home a few days a week. Maybe, like the rest of us, you have TOO many hand held devices and charging time becomes a race for the next available outlet. If this sounds like you, you'll be excited to learn about these hot new products. Scroll through these pictures to find out about the latest and greatest ways to hide your power cords & even the power sources themselves!
I just added the Evoline USA product to my own new kitchen. Find out more about this and the other products here: http://www.randidestefano.com/power-up-in-style-hide-the-cords-and-keep-your-counters-clutter-free/

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  • Anna R
    Anna R Asheville, NC

    thanks they are a great idea

  • Clay B
    Clay B Chesapeake, VA

    I found these for $150, also has USB ports as well. I agree, I would use on desk, not in kitchen on counter anyway. This company has them on closeout; website says normally they sell only to business clients, but these are available to anyone.

  • LandlightS
    LandlightS Roswell, GA

    Clay...what you found is a commercial unit...... not only has outlets and a USB port, but it also has a Telephone, LAN and VGA (a 15 pin audio/video outlet) connections, a self contained circuit breaker (not GFCI protected) and a speaker and a

  • Clay B
    Clay B Chesapeake, VA

    Yes, you would need a GFCI type for a kitchen, but the others would be fine in an office I think. The VGA outlet is quickly becoming outdated.

  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA

    I'm loving this for my craft room as well.