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Painted Dishwasher

This project has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier to finally be able to scream it to the world, I PAINTED MY DISHWASHER!
  • painted dishwasher, appliances, painting
It may sound a little risky, but it was totally worth it. The ugly almond color had to go. It was the only appliance we had that was an off-white color and it stuck out like a sore thumb in our primarily black and white kitchen.
  • painted dishwasher, appliances, painting
To begin this process, I covered the surrounding area with garbage bags and plastic table cloths and secured them with painters tape. I also thoroughly applied tape to the button control panel to help keep them readable after the new paint job.
  • painted dishwasher, appliances, painting
Next, I sprayed the dishwasher with a few coats of Rustoleum Black Appliance Epoxy. It was very important to follow all the instructions on the can to insure even coverage.
  • painted dishwasher, appliances, painting
Finally, I removed all of the layers of plastic and tape to reveal my beautiful, new-looking dishwasher.
  • painted dishwasher, appliances, painting
We are very pleased with how this turned out, but there is one tiny thing I am not entirely crazy about. The control panel is still that almond color. Eww. But, I am so much happier with having a black dishwasher with a small off-white stripe vs. an all almond appliance. What do you think?
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To see more: http://elizabethjoandesigns.com/2015/01/painted-dishwasher/

  • Nancy Flemming
    Nancy Flemming Canada
    on Jan 8, 2017

    You can also turn the panel around, they are usually white on the other side. However, not the look they were going for here, love it.

    • Nancy Flemming
      Nancy Flemming Canada
      on Feb 22, 2017

      My husband did this years ago, so was an older model, not sure on the newer models, the home we are in now does not have a dishwasher other than me. There was a frame a round the edge that could be unscrewed from the inside, screws will be in behind the rubber or door seal. I think he took the door off to do this, but he can't remember. Hubby says if it goes together it must come apart. Sorry this is not much help.

  • Goodchild.b
    on Mar 27, 2017

    lov it .i will try this

  • Mj
    Mj Springville, UT
    on May 7, 2017

    Just seeing this now, a couple of years later, but I would buy the white appliance touch-up paint to paint the control panel around the buttons white...

  • Glendarvblessed
    on May 12, 2017

    ..I have the same problem, except my cabinets are oak...my built ins are black, my frig is stainless, so I could go either way, on my dishwasher(even tho' it never gets used) black or stainless... great job!

  • DeeAnn Cecchetti
    DeeAnn Cecchetti Milledgeville, IL
    on Jul 6, 2017

    Love this~!! Great job~!!!

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