How to get sticky grease off of glass?

Any tips on how to get greasy residue off of glass? I just bought some delicate glass "shades" for some wall sconces I have. They are covered in something really tough to get off. I tried Windex and it got a little off. Then just soap and water and that got some more, but I could be here a long time trying different things unless someone has something a little more powerful. Thanks for the help! (can't use anything abrasive, it might hurt the finish so nothing baking soda)
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    De-Greaser sold by automotive stores - diluted or full force depending on how bad the surface is has always worked for me. Once the grease is gone - clean with Windex, vinegar and water or whatever.
  • Jeanine Wester
    Jeanine Wester Peoria, IL
    Thanks everyone!
  • Cindy
    Cindy Brighton, MI
    You guys are crazy if you use all of these chemicals on you glassware! Dish soap and water get it OFF! And a good hot rinse! BUT My question is why it a appears????
  • Tomesha Kennedy
    Tomesha Kennedy Decatur, GA
    why suggestions of others are CRAZY??? thxs all for ur suggestions... they all were helpful!!!
  • Tomesha Kennedy
    Tomesha Kennedy Decatur, GA
    I just tried baking soda and that did the trick!!!! Thxs Melanie :-)
Jeanine Wester